Cacti and Succulents, Graham Charles (Softcover) Wonderful condition book. Used-Very Good. An essential guide to cacti and other succulents, featuring 420 color photos and a wealth of information on the plants and their cultivation. Beautifully illustrated and highly accessible, this guide is both an instructive practical manual and a rich source of reference. More than 250 different species or genera and their natural habitats are profiled and illustrated. Topics include: the unique nature of succulents; their natural environment; history, classification, and nomenclature; watering, feeding, general care, and propagation; and pests and diseases. Lavishly illustrated, this is an indispensable guide for growers and enthusiasts. Graham Charles is a National Cactus and Succulent Society judge and lecturer. $18.00 includes postage. I will include a copy of Remarkable Agaves and Cacti for FREE.



Dendrobium and Its Relatives (Hardcover) - Bill Lavarack, Wayne Harris, and Geoff Stocker. NEW BOOK! Timber Press, Incorporated, 1st Edition (October 1, 2000) This book is excellent for orchid growers and an excellent reference book for orchid student judges. ISBN 10: 0881924903 ISBN 13: 9780881924909 Dendrobium is an enormous orchid genus of more than 1000 species native to south Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and Oceania. They are highly popular among orchid growers for their beauty and diversity. This study by three plant scientists who are also active orchid growers presents more than 400 of the species, all illustrated with color photographs. Almost all the horticulturally popular species are included, along with some lesser-known but spectacular species recently discovered in the highlands of New Guinea that are likely to become popular in the future. 288 pages. This book has been stored in it's original box since arrival to my home. $100.00 includes postage.


The Dendrobiums (Hardcover) by Howard P Wood (Author) NEW BOOK! Timber Press Incorporated, 1st Edition (2006) From Timber Press: By Howard P. Wood Edited by Roland Schettler Foreword by Jeffrey Wood The ultimate resource on this popular orchid genus. West Hawaii Today At long last, here is a complete and exhaustive account of the genus Dendrobium. Among the most prized and popularly cultivated orchids, dendrobiums delight gardeners and orchid lovers alike with the sheer beauty of their delicate flowers and slender form. Now, those interested in learning all there is to know about this enchanting genus have the book they have always wanted. With descriptions of 650 species in the genus, including habits and flowering biology, a guide to species identification and culture, a historical review of the genus, a survey of Dendrobium evolution and distribution, more than 600 color photos, and a bibliography with more than 900 entries, this is the ultimate resource on the genus. Format: Hardcover Pages: 996 pp. Book dimensions: 8� x 11� in. (300 x 210 mm.) Images: 655 color photos, 67 diagrams, 7 maps, 3 b/w illustrations ISBN-10: 0881926868 ISBN-13: 9780881926866. This book has been stored in it's original box since arrival to my home. $175.00 postage included in price


John Lindley (Hardcover) Antique Collectors Club Ltd, 1999 USED EXCELLENT John Lindley is honored nowadays as the foremost British orchidologist of the nineteenth century, indeed by some as 'the father of orchidology'. He is especially remembered for his fundamental achievement in the classification, description and naming of orchids. -- Full color illustrations. $15.00 free shipping


Miniature Orchids by Rebecca Tyson Northen (Hardback) Used but in a better than good condition. No dog ears, no torn pages, no writing inside the book. Inside Original dust jacket is slightly yellowed at upper book edge. $20.00 postage included in price.


Orchids -Joyce Stewart (2000) $20.00 includes postage NEW revised edition. 124 pages. A very popular primer that has served to introduce thousands of hobbyists to the pleasures of orchid growing. It includes useful sections on cultivation, propagation, and pests and diseases, and surveys the most popular genera, species, and hybrids for both greenhouse and windowsill growers. ISBN-13: 978-0881924817 ISBN-10: 0881924814


Ferns for American Gardens -John T Mickel (October 1, 2003) USED-VERY GOOD CONDITION Unusual in its specific focus on cold-hardy ferns, the volume is based on Mickel's personal experience as a scientist and curator of ferns at the New York Botanical Garden as well as his years as a home gardener. The bulk of the book is an encyclopedic treatment of more than 400 kinds of ferns with 360 color photos in addition to numerous black and white images. Useful appendices, including updated source lists, make it clear why the American Horticultural Society chose this book as one of its 75 Great American Garden Books. Clean pages with light shelf wear. Doesn't appear to have been opened. $16.00 free shipping


Tree Ferns Mark Large and John Braggins Used-Excellent Surveys all the families, genera, and species of tree ferns, including those that are suitable for the home garden. Offers up-to-date taxonomy and detailed descriptions as well as in-depth coverage of everything from tree fern use to conservation. Provides extensive cultivation information, including propagation and diseases and pests. This is a black-and-white edition. Tree ferns in the landscape command the attention of both devoted gardeners and casual passersby. Their stately form resembles that of the palm tree and evokes a feeling of the quintessentially exotic. This volume is "the" source for information on the living tree ferns. It surveys families, genera, and species, including those suitable for the home garden. It offers up-to-date taxonomy and detailed descriptions as well as in-depth coverage of everything from tree fern use to conservation. In recognition of the horticultural importance of tree ferns, the authors provide extensive cultivation information, including propagation, and diseases and pests. Doesn't appear have have ever been opened. ISBN-10 -- ISBN-13 $20.00 includes shipping

Water Features for Small Gardens-Keith Davitt- Used Excellent Condition Celebrated designer Keith Davitt brings the delights of the water garden within reach of everyone in Water Features for Small Gardens. With a clear eye to design, construction, materials, and maintenance, Davitt offers alternatives for every style of garden and every budget. Detailed case studies depict actual gardens progressing from the planning stage to planting, and the author shows step by step how such features are created using only modest building skills. Types of water gardens discussed include: natural, formal, and informal pools; raised and in-ground formal fountains; wall fountains; streams and waterfalls; and bog and tub gardens. Heavily illustrated and packed with practical information, Water Features for Small Gardens is a must for any gardener seeking to bring his or her garden to the next level. $5.00 free shipping