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I have written culture/care instructions for the links below. They are easy to read and are meant to help with questions you may have on a specific genera. The following sheets instruct on how I care for my plants in each family. You may care for your plants differently and as long as you are having good success, I would advise not changing your routine. As I write more culture sheets, they will become available. More culture sheets offered by the AOS, American Orchid Society are featured below. many of these are the ones we hand out in at Seagrove Orchids.

Catasetum Culture

Phalaenopsis Culture

Equitant Culture Potted and Mounted

Phragmipedium Culture


Culture sheets provided by The American Orchids Society are PDF files that you can print !

Catasetum Care Sheet

Cattleya Culture Sheet

Cattleya Beginner Instruction Sheet

Explanation of Dendrobium Sections Culture Instruction sheet

Dendrobium Culture Sheet

Beginner Dendrobium Care Instructions

A Guide to Growing Orchids in the Home

Lycaste Orchid Culture Instructions

Masdevallia Orchid Culture Instructions

Miltonia Including Miltoniopsis Orchid Culture Instructions

Paphiopedilum (Ladyslipper) culture sheet

Paphiopedilum (Ladyslipper) beginner Culture Instructions

Phalaenopsis Culture from AOS-American Orchid Society

Stanhopea-Gongora, related Genera Culture Instructions

Tolumnia Cultural Instructions

Vandas and Related Genera Cultural Growing Instruction




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