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Aerangis kotschyana

A medium size Angraecoid native to much of Africa and south to Madagascar. Many fragrant brown, pink, and white colored blooms (8-20) are produced on pendant inflorescences. Likes much water during the summer and a drier winter rest period. The increase of day light hours from winter to spring initiates bloom stems. Only mounted plants offered at this time.



Aerangis luteo-alba

Adorable miniature produces arching sprays of white blooms. Choice plants. Native to eastern and central Africa as twig epiphytes.

Bloom Size $25.00


Angcm Crestwood 'Tomorrow Star' (Angraecum Veitchii x sesquipedale)

Gorgeous plants that produce large, very fine, star shaped blooms that acquired the positive traits of each parent. Each stem produces 5-18 flowers and the blooms range from 9 to 12 cm across. Fall/Winter bloomers.




Angcm distichum (Angraecum)

The ric- rac orchid. Bright white blooms are produced between the ric- rac like segmented growths on this miniature African Angraecum. Choice plants.

Bloom Size $25.00



Bulbophyllum ambrosia
Wonderful looking plants that produce tons of gorgeous blooms. Blooms are wonderfully sweet smelling unlike most of the Bulbophyllum group. Native to China Hong Kong and Vietnam in evergreen and semi deciduous forest on limestone cliff and mossy rocks. Found at elevation from 300 to 1300 meters as a small sized hot to cool growing orchid. Easy to grow. Blooms are best described as pale banana yellow with soft pink with raspberry red stripes and suffusions. Psuedobulbs can vary in color from dark orange to dark maroon. Really beautiful!

Bloom Size Potted $30.00 Nice size plants with many growths.


Bulbophyllum annandalei X fascinator

Soft golden icicles that are highlighted and striped in cherry red is a good description of the blooms on this Bulbophyllum orchid hybrid. The petals are covered in hairs. This orchid is super easy to grow and remains quite petite. The hybrid makes very good representation of both parents as you can see influences of each in this beautiful cross. A very good beginner Bulbophyllum.

Bloom Size $20.00


Bulbophyllum cocoinum

Very exciting new species orchid offering here at our greenhouse. Bulbophyllum cocoinum is a small sized African native. A profusion of frilly coconut scented blooms are densely arranged on a gracefully arching flower stems. The blooms vary in coloration from ivory to soft green with a suffusion of pink on the petals and sepals. Fall Bloomer. Coconut Scented Bulbophyllum. This species is also known as Bulbophyllum vitiense.

Bloom Size $28.00


Bulbophyllum Emily Siegerist

Super nice example of a easy to grow Bulbophyllum orchid hybrid. Blooms are super large and well defined in their markings. The petals and dorsal sepal are very dark in coloration. This has a lot of award potential. Beautiful. You are purchasing this plant!

Only one-Bloom Size $25.00

Bulbophyllum liliacianum



Bulbophyllium macranthum

Easy to grow, large plants offered of this beautiful Asian orchid species. A favorite of many since the blooms are brightly colored, pleasantly fragrant and are held upside down (non-resupinate). Fragrance has been described as spicey and some report the fragrance of cloves. Grow warm and bright. Summer to fall bloomers. Bloom Size






Bulbophyllum masdevalliaceum

These are very nice sized plants offered and are bloom size. Actual plant quality is shown in photo. Grow wet and bright. Found in Queensland Australia and Papua New Guinea as a miniature sized, hot growing, unifoliate epiphyte on forest trees at elevations up to 500 meters with a frequently branching, creeping rhizome. This species and B blumei are quite similar in most all respects but in details with the hirsute lip and the hirsute petals in this species differ from B blumei. Grow warm, in medium light levels and provide year round moisture. Photos shows quality of plants offered. Photo courtesy of David Atkins.

Bloom size in 4 inch pot $28.00


Bulbophyllum Stella Mizuta (B micranthum x B lobbii)

Offered are super nice plants of the easy to grow Bulbophyllum Stella Mizuta. Plants remain less than 12 inches tall per growth. Golden yellow blooms are stippled in red brown on petals and dorsal sepal. The lateral sepals form a horseshoe shape and lack much of the dark colored stippling, instead they have a peachy hue on the inner edges that continues up to the lip. Flowers are gorgeous. Plants that are offered are 4 plus growths and are bloom size. Grow bright and provide good moisture.

Bloom Size $40.00



Bulbophyllum sulawesii

I really like the growth habit of this Indonesian native. The psuedobulbs are tightly spaced together and don't crawl out of the pot. The bloom stem is successive and opens several blooms per stem. Blooms are beautiful while open and during the process of opening. There is variation in color in blooms for this species but blooms are mostly golds to bronze to mahogany shades. Very attractive.

Bloom Size $50.00



Bulbophyllum tingabarinum

Bloom size miniature orchid species native to Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Grow warm and moist. Synonyms is Cirrhopetalum miniatum. Orange blossoms are held in umbrel fashion. Each bloom can reach 3-4 inches in length. This species is seldom seen in collections. Prize. I include this link to Jay's website for photograph and more information about this really neat orchid plant. Does not have a foul odor like most Bulbophyllums. Smells more vegative. Some people note that it smells like fresh carrotts.

Near Bloom Size to Bloom Size $20.00


Cirrhopetalum auratum 'Other World' CHM/AOS

Beautifully grown divisions of this super Cirrhopetalum species. All bloom size divisions are over 5 pseudobulbs in size. Flower arrangement is described as umbrel. Keep wet to slightly moist. Does not get as tall as some Bulbophyllum and relatives with a manageable size near 6 inches tall. Photograph taken by David Atkins in our greenhouse. Bloom Size $25.00


Bloom Size $25.00


Cymbidium bicolor syn. aloifolium

Really nice plants. Pendant sprays of yellow and red-brown flowers are produced on long flower stems. Occurs from Vietnam, Pennisular Malaysia, Borneo, Sulawesi, Java, Sumatra and the Philippines. Warm growing Cymbidium. You will need on planning for additional shipping charges with these very large plants.

Bloom Size $40.00


Cymbidum Valerie Absolonova (4N)

These warm growing miniature Chinese type Cymbidum orchids deserve a spot in your orchid collection. The yellow blooms are blushed with pink and are very attractive. The petals and lip have darker cherry red markings. Lastly, the blooms are wonderfully fragrant and are produced on upright stems. Bloom Size!







Dendrobium Delicatum
Dendrobium with the scent of Dendrobium kingianum and the ease of growth of Dendrobium speciosum. Grow bright and well watered all summer long, with plenty of nutrients. Once mid fall approaches, decrease watering and stop fertilizing until new growth appears in the spring. Very nice orchid plants. Spring bloomers. Extremely fragrant!

4 inch pot $40.00


Dendrobium Dream 'Ace '

One of the nicest Nobile Dendrobium type hybrids I have ever grown. Reliable bloomer every spring that does not require the super cold temperatures to set blooms. We grow and flower this one in a greenhouse that does not go below 64 degrees but do provide a dry winter rest. Established keikes offered of one of our finest show plants. Blooms are bright pink with white centers. Gorgeous! fragrant Orchid. Photo shows when the parent plant received best Dendrobium in the show in March 2010 in Timonium, MD.



Dendrobium faciferum

Found in Lesser Sunda Islands, the Moluccas and Sulawesi on old mangroves and trees in littoral woodlands, riverbeds, lakesides and flood plaines at elevations of sea level to 350 meters as a medium to large sized, hot growing epiphyte with slender to robust, stiffly erect, grayish brown, greenish yellow striped, swollen below, canelike above stems that branched towards the apex and carrying many, lanceolate, shortly and unequally bilobed apically, fleshy, shiny above, darker below leaves with dirty violet sheaths that blooms on numerous, few [2 to 5] flowered, sessile inflorescence arising from near the apex of mature leafy and leafless canes. (Club footed canes) Spring blooming (species orchid). Photo shows our photograph of the awarded Dendrobium faciferum 'Seagrove Melon Treat'. I found this blog spot link about this orchid species that I think all will enjoy!

Bloom Size $30.00



Dendrobium Little Sweet Scent

Soft pink blooms are produced on leafless canes. Lip is fuzzy with hairs and interior is marked in darker purple tones. Leaf drop on this type of Dendrobium is normal and an indication that blooms are not far to follow. Delicious fragrance of fruity raspberry. Spring bloomers.

Bloom Size $18.00



Dendrobium Nestor

One of these received best Dendrobium in the show at Asheville, NC during the Spring 2013 Western North Carolina Show and Sale. Long lasting vibrant blooms decorate the leafless canes of these easy to grow Dendrobiums. Its pretty much a perfect 50/50 mix of the two species parents, Dendrobium anosmum and Dendrobium parishii, or perhaps a Den. parishii on steroids. Very nicely fragrant. Smells like fruity candy. Spring bloomer.

Bloom Size $20.00


Dendrobium nobile 'Seagrove Berries'

A bullet proof species for us. Blooms without a chill cooler than 62 degrees. These are very nice established keikes.

Very near bloom size $12.00


Dendrobium peguanum are offered on mounted orchid page.




Dendrochilum wenzelii

The red wheat orchid or red chain orchid. Miniature orchids that have been grown warm and moist. Keep pot sizes tight on this species for it will spend all of it's energy filling the pot with roots and growths prior to blooming, sometimes taking years. A Philippine native that blooms in the late winter and early spring.

Bloom Size $24.00


Eria hyacinthoides

Easy to grow orchid species from Sumatra, Java and the Malaysian peninsula. Blooms early summer with fragrant blooms. The bloom fragrance is more vegetative than floral. Each plant is over 8 growths in size and very nice. Fragrant orchid.

Bloom Size $30.00



Habenaria rhodochiella

Emerging from their winter rest. Plants are looking great! Brilliant florescent orange glowing colored blossoms whirl the upright stems of these terrestrial beauties. Foliage is shown in above photo and we are offering plants that have emerged from their rest and actively growing right now. One of these was just awarded at the Carolinas Judging Center this month (October 2013) to one of these plants from this tray!!! Congrats Rory Jones on your award.



Podangis dactyloceras

Ice candies is the best way I can describe these crystalline near translucent spurred flowers. The plants are fan shaped with growths occuring in a pyramidal fashion. Blooms are held 4 to 8 per flower stem. Plants are pleasing when not in flower. Easy to grow in Phalaenopsis conditions. Allow a drier winter rest period with semi-shaded conditions. Native to east Africa. Blooms occur spring through fall. Super nicely grown plants of nice size. Blooms are nicely fragrant. We have found that these plants prefer mounted culture.

3.5 inch pot size $40.00


Stelis argentata

Soft dusty rose blooms adorn this near miniature Stelis species. This easy to grow orchid has a large growing range in South America. Can become specimen size quickly. Flower stems produce up to 20 delightful tri-lobed blooms. Grow slightly moist. Summer Bloomers.

Bloom Size $20.00




Stenorrhynchos speciosus 'CH' x sib

A medium sized, hot to cold growing terrestrial in seasonally dry forests or plains, in humus or on steep embankments or an occasional epiphyte found in French Guiana, Guyana, Surinam, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina in moister areas of semideciduous forests at elevations of 1200 to 3000 meters. Leaves are arranged as rosette and blooms are spirally arranged on upright stems. Very easy to grow and can become an amazing show plant in several seasons. Provide moisture year round and lower light levels for best culture. Photo featured shows the starting of the flower stems. Flower is similar to photo below but red.

Bloom Size $26.00



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