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Aerangis fastuosa (The Magnificent Aerangis)

Rewarding dwarf orchid species native to Madagascar. (The Magnificent Aerangis) Large fragrant white blooms remind me of gardenia blooms. The nectary is large and prominent emerging from flower rear. Fragrance is delicious. Blooms season late winter to spring (September- November) . Provide warm to hot temperatures. Olive-gray colored leaves are described as succulent or leathery. When introduced to brighter light levels, leaves can have a beautiful orange cast at leaf edges. Another orchid perfect for us southern growers. Provide mostly shade. Like other Angraecoids, beautiful. EASY!

Bloom size $ 26.00



Angraecum didieri

Beautiful miniature native to Madagascar. White blooms to soft green overlays compliment this dusk to night time fragrant orchid species. Offered are bloom size potted plants in 3 inch mesh/air pots. This orchid species likes to dry between waterings and we have them potted in large bark and perlite. Provide bright light and intermediate to warm temperatures. Very hardy orchid species with a variable bloom season. Easily converts to mounted culture. Fred Hillerman stated "this is a 'must' for the grower with limited space. The entire vegetative portion of an old plant measures on 15 cm tall and wide, and a well-grown plant will produce 5-6 flowers. This is truly a delightful little species."

Bloom Size $25.00


Angraecum distichum

Prolific growing dwarf orchid plant. The sweetly fragrant ric rack orchid is easy to grow in shade to medium light conditions. This species prefers regular waterings allowing medium to become slightly moist prior to watering again. Temperature tolerant as considered a hot to cool humid grower. Grows well for us in North Carolina with a minimum night temperature of 64 F. Fragrant blooms smell likened to Jasmine. Also suited for mounting or growing in a terrarium habit.

Bloom Size $25.00 -growing in 2 inch plastic basket




Angraecum leonis Fragrant!

Fleshy sickle-shaped leaves are displayed alternately to form a distinctive fan-shaped orchid plant. Interesting even when not in bloom. Spurred night time fragrant blooms are white. Madagascar native. Take care to not wrinkle the beautiful leaves by providing ample moisture during the summer months. Provide partial shade. Provide intermediate to warm temps.. Spring bloomers. This orchid deserves a place in every orchid collection.

NBS --$25.00



Bulbophyllum ambrosia

Wonderful looking plants that produce tons of gorgeous blooms. Blooms are wonderfully sweet smelling unlike most of the Bulbophyllum group. Native to China Hong Kong and Vietnam in evergreen and semi deciduous forest on limestone cliffs and mossy rocks. Found at elevation from 300 to 1300 meters as a small sized hot to cool growing orchid. Easy to grow. Blooms are best described as pale banana yellow with soft pink with raspberry red stripes and suffusions. Psuedobulbs can vary in color from dark orange to dark maroon. Really beautiful!

Bloom Size Potted $30.00 Nice size plants with many growths.



Bulbophyllum careyanum (Carey's Bulbophyllum)

Medium sized plants produce pendant to lateral flower stems that hang cylindrical shaped heads of many flowers. Individual blooms are yellow and bronze and the overall head of blooms produces the effect of orange-gold. Easy to grow orchid. Bulbophyllum careyanum is a species from the Himalayas to Vietnam. In the wild this species is a lithophyte that inhabits mossy rocks and cliff faces in evergreen forest at elevations of 200-2,000 metres. The inflorescence measures 20cm and bears many flowers that each measure 1cm long. We grow these in trays of water, but allow a dry period between waterings. Grow bright for winter bloomings. Can flower several times throughout the year. Makes a show stopping specimen quickly. Sources note that this orchid has a foul smell. We do not detect any foul odor, but a fragrance likened to Elmer's Glue .

Bloom Size $30.00


Bulbophyllum falcatum (green type)

Warm growing orchid of interest. One of the Bulbophyllums that present Spear type bloom (rachis). The rachis on this variety is green. Flowers are borne down both sides of the flattened rachis in perfect arrangement. Provide even moisture year round. Easy with medium light and even moisture. Beautiful miniature from Africa. This is a candidate for orchidarium or terrarium culture. Second photos shows rachis formation.

Bloom Size $20.00



Bulbophyllum lilacinum 'Brower Mill'

Prolific Fall bloomer. Easy to grow potted or as a mount. Yellow to orange blooms spiral on lilac like inflorescences. Blooms typically last 30 days or more. Provide bright light and even moisture for best results. I have searched various resources and this plant was acquired with Bulb. lilacinum label. It has flower stems exactly like Bulb lilacinum, flower arrangement, and size. (Ken Karb collection) Since Bulb lilacinum occurs with an albescens color form, I am hoping that a botanist will chime in with the fact that Bulb lilacinum has an aurea color variant.

Potted large plants $35.00 or bare root $25.00


Bulbophyllum maquilingense

Found only in the Philippines at low elevations. Lives on small tress and shrubs and a warm growing epiphyte. Forms dense mat of a plant quickly. Super easy to grow and rewarding as this miniature orchid blooms sporadically throughout the year with main bloom season in Spring. Grow shady and moist. Plants are currently offered in 2 inch pots(mature-bloom size) but can be converted to mounted culture easily. AOS image used with photographer, Jason Mills-Shoulta permission.

Bloom Size-Mature $20.00


Cleisocentron merrillianum

A true blue orchid. Growing in a monopodial growth habit with alternating terete leaves, Cleisocentron can appreciate warm to cool temperatures favoring cooler. (40 F min to 95 F) Provide medium light levels, similar to Phalaenopsis light levels. Easy to grow in bark or spaghnum moss as long as allowed to almost dry before watering. Found growing in the montane forest of Sabah, Borneo at elevations of 1100 to 3000 meters. Blooms can occur at a very small plant size. Some have previously flowered in 2 inch baskets. This is not the grape juice color of some Vandas referred to as coerulea. This is a true blue orchid. Synonyms Robiquetia merrilliana and Sarcanthus merrillianus. Second photo taken by JB Comber; retrieved from Pinterest.

Bloom Size to VNBS $28.00



Cymbidium aloifolium (The Aloe-Leafed Cymbidium)

Sturdy plants with upright foliage produce many sprays of pendant (waterfall) inflorescences with tons of flowers flowing down each. This orchid species in native to Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou and Yunnan provinces of China, Assam, Bangladesh, India, eastern Himalayas, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Andaman Islands , Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Java and Sumatra in evergreen and in semi-deciduous and deciduous dry lowland forests and savana-like woodlands at elevations of sea level to 1100 meters. Grow warm. Spring / Summer bloomers. These plants are large and bloom size. Blooms are straw colored heavily striped in Indian red becoming near black centrally. The anther cap and lip keels are bright lemon yellow. Very attractive attention grabbing orchid species. Inquire about shipping charges. Easily taken out of heavy clay pots for shipping.

Bloom Size $35.00


Dendrobium Blue Seas

Another hot to warm grower! Beautiful plants are offered that produce Blue Twinkle colored blooms. Purple blue beautifully twisted petals and sepals are offset by a chartreuse flower center. Very striking color combination. For best growing success allow to dry between waterings. Grow as any other Spathulata section Dendrobium. Another Antelope that is very easy to grow in warmer climates. Provide bright light but shaded from direct afternoon sun.Temperature tolerant. 50 to 90F with temps a few degrees higher or lower are acceptable and usually cause no detriment. Very long lasting blooms. I love this orchid!!

Bloom Size $ 25.00


Dendrobium Curtis' Twinkle (Den Blue Twinkle x Den Minnie)

Blooms in shades of burgundy, fuchsia, magenta, and plum make an extraordinary display. This space minded grower produces blooms well held above compact growing foliage. Blooms nicknamed antelope type since they are twisted like antelope horns. Spathulata Group Dendrobium. For best success allow to dry between waterings. Provide bright light but protect from afternoon sun. Temperature tolerant. 50 to 90F with temps a few degrees higher or lower are acceptable and usually cause no detriment. Very long lasting blooms.

Bloom Size $ 25.00


Dendrobium nobile 'Seagrove Berries'

A bullet proof species for us. Blooms without a chill cooler than 62 degrees. These are very nice established keikes.

Bloom size $20.00


Dendrobium spectabile

The curly goblin orchid. Bizarre curled funky flowers arise above the foliage on this New Guinea species orchid. Blooms have been referred to as bewitching. Some call it the 'Alien Orchid' but the taxonomic common Name is 'The Grand Dendrobium.' Grow Warm and Bright. Plants grow large. Provide somewhat drier winter, but not a dry rest period, just decrease watering frequency. Repot only when in active root growth. Seed produced. Large 4 inch plants are offered.




Dendrobiium Susie Gallis (Den. Hawaiian Stripe x Den. Blue Twinkle)

A super hybrid in blooming and growth habit. Plants produce upright stems of purple blooms that gracefully arch. A good grower. Bloom size 1.5 inches across. Very long lasting blooms. Registered by my friend Harry Gallis after his lovely wife Susie! Recommended.

4 inch pot Bloom Size $20



Eria javonica

Star-shaped soft yellow blooms are arranged in an open whorl along arching stems. Lips are canary yellow keeled with reddish center. Easy to bloom with frequent flowerings. This orchid species prefers even moisture year round. So pretty! Lightly fragrant.

Bloom Size-- 4 inch pot spring Bloomer $20.00


Oeceoclades perrieri

Found in Mozambique and Madagascar in dryish coastal forests on sandy soils. Allow to dry between waterings. Sword shaped leaves are beautifully decorated in silvery markings. This terrestrial orchid is considered a jewel orchid. Blooms are variable in background coloration from coppery orange to purplish green. White open lip is bilobed with purple markings on side lobes and bilobed platform. Many blooms are produced on upright stems. Grow shady for best leaf coloration.



Pinalia (Eria) rhyncostyloides

Big multiple growth plants are offered. Very fragrant Winter-Spring bloomers. Blooms are shell pink with dark pink contrasting column. Blooms are arranged in a whorl. Lovely plant to grow as a specimen. Easy with ample year round moisture in medium light levels. Temperate tolerant. (temps 50 to 95).

Bloom Size $30.00




Rossioglosum schlieperianum var aureum x self

4 inch pot size $60.00 . One plant offered at $80.00 left. All others are slightly smaller in size. This orchid is very limited so place your order now. Perfectly grown and ready to flower. I provide a link to a photograph I found on the web for this glorious and rare color variety of Rossioglossum. Native to El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Panama in moderate shade. Common Name: Schlieper's Rossioglossum.


Spiranthese cernua var. odorata 'Chadd's Ford'

Terrestrial orchid! commonly called Lady's tresses or fragrant lady tresses orchid. This orchid is native to eastern Canada to Texas . Yes this is an orchid native to North Carolina. This orchid prefers wet environments, growing in swamps, bogs, marshes and moist meadows. We grow ours in the greenhouse in standing trays of water. A perennial in nature. Provide a moist growing environment if grown outdoors or inside.

Bloom Size $25.00






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