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Angraecum didieri

Beautiful miniature native to Madagascar. White blooms to soft green overlays compliment this dusk to night time fragrant orchid species. Offered are bloom size potted plants in 3 inch mesh/air pots. This orchid species likes to dry between waterings and we have them potted in large bark and perlite. Provide bright light and intermediate to warm temperatures. Very hardy orchid species with a variable bloom season. Easily converts to mounted culture. Fred Hillerman stated "this is a 'must' for the grower with limited space. The entire vegetative portion of an old plant measures on 15 cm tall and wide, and a well-grown plant will produce 5-6 flowers. This is truly a delightful little species."

Bloom Size $25.00




Angraecum leonis

Angraecum leonis, Latin for lion-like describes the shape of the waxy white blooms produced on star-shaped plants with sickle shaped leaves. Blooms are night time fragrant. Very rewarding orchid species. Flower photo shows the quality of blooms produced from our cross. Grow moist and allow to nearly dry between waterings. Potted in mesh/air pots. According to Fred Hillerman, "this is really a handsome plant from the standpoint of foliage alone, but in full flower it is truly dazzling. It can be considered small to medium sized, and it certainly deserves a place in every orchid collection."

Near Bloom Size $25.00




Bulbophyllum ambrosia

Wonderful looking plants that produce tons of gorgeous blooms. Blooms are wonderfully sweet smelling unlike most of the Bulbophyllum group. Native to China Hong Kong and Vietnam in evergreen and semi deciduous forest on limestone cliffs and mossy rocks. Found at elevation from 300 to 1300 meters as a small sized hot to cool growing orchid. Easy to grow. Blooms are best described as pale banana yellow with soft pink with raspberry red stripes and suffusions. Psuedobulbs can vary in color from dark orange to dark maroon. Really beautiful!

Bloom Size Potted $30.00 Nice size plants with many growths.




Bulbophyllum annandalei X fascinator

Soft golden icicles that are highlighted and striped in cherry red is a good description of the blooms on this Bulbophyllum orchid hybrid. The petals are covered in hairs. This orchid is super easy to grow and remains quite petite. The hybrid makes very good representation of both parents as you can see influences of each in this beautiful cross. A very good beginner Bulbophyllum.

Bloom Size $20.00


Bulbophyllum careyanum (Carey's Bulbophyllum)

Medium sized plants produce pendant to lateral flower stems that hang cylindrical shaped heads of many flowers. Individual blooms are yellow and bronze and the overall head of blooms produces the effect of orange-gold. Easy to grow orchid. Bulbophyllum careyanum is a species from the Himalayas to Vietnam. In the wild this species is a lithophyte that inhabits mossy rocks and cliff faces in evergreen forest at elevations of 200-2,000 metres. The inflorescence measures 20cm and bears many flowers that each measure 1cm long. We grow these in trays of water, but allow a dry period between waterings. Grow bright for winter bloomings. Can flower several times throughout the year. Makes a show stopping specimen quickly. Sources note that this orchid has a foul smell. We do not detect any foul odor, but a fragrance likened to Elmer's Glue .

Bloom Size $30.00


Bulbophyllum lilacinum 'Brower Mill'

Prolific Fall bloomer. Easy to grow potted or as a mount. Yellow to orange blooms spiral on lilac like inflorescences. Blooms typically last 30 days or more. Provide bright light and even moisture for best results. I have searched various resources and this plant was acquired with Bulb. lilacinum label. It has flower stems exactly like Bulb lilacinum, flower arrangement, and size. (Ken Karb collection) Since Bulb lilacinum occurs with an albescens color form, I am hoping that a botanist will chime in with the fact that Bulb lilacinum has an aurea color variant.

Potted large plants $35.00 or bare root $25.00




Bulbophyllum masdevalliaceum

The masdevallia- like Bulbophyllum. Small size makes this Bulbophyllum a treasure for those growers with space concerns. Psuedobulbs are smallish and the length of space between psuedobulbs is short making a fantastic display of plant in a 4-5 inch pot. Bulb masevalliaceum is thought by some to be the only variety of Bulb blumei. Impressive blooms can be up to 4 inches in height. Red blooms with white margins. The cooler this plant is grown, the darker and deeper the red coloration. Very nice. Easily converts to mounted culture.

Potted, bloom size $20.00




Bulbophyllum Stella Mizuta (B micranthum x B lobbii)

Offered are super nice plants of the easy to grow Bulbophyllum Stella Mizuta. Plants remain less than 12 inches tall per growth. Golden yellow blooms are stippled in red brown on petals and dorsal sepal. The lateral sepals form a horseshoe shape and lack much of the dark colored stippling, instead they have a peachy hue on the inner edges that continues up to the lip. Flowers are gorgeous. Plants that are offered are 4 plus growths and are bloom size. Grow bright and provide good moisture.

Bloom Size $40.00



Bulbophyllum sulawesii

I really like the growth habit of this Indonesian native. The psuedobulbs are tightly spaced together and don't crawl out of the pot. The bloom stem is successive and opens several blooms per stem. Blooms are beautiful while open and during the process of opening. There is variation in color in blooms for this species but blooms are mostly golds to bronze to mahogany shades. Very attractive.

Bloom Size $50.00


Bulbophyllum tingabarinum 'Christopher' AM/AOS x self

Miniature power house. Produces bright orange pleasantly scented flowers. Not only are the blooms beautiful, the pseudobulbs remain in tight conformation making this orchid easy to maintain in a small pot. This species has also shown very good acclimation to mounted culture. Intermediate to warm grower native to Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Grow moist. Synonym: Cirrhopetalum miniatum.

Bloom Size $25.00


Bulbophyllum Wilber Chang

Bulbophyllum Wilbur Chang (Bulb echinolabium x carunculatum) Beautifully grown plants are offered. . This plant is bloom size and produces very large blooms sequentially on the same flower stem. Typically 5 -7 blooms one after the other. Easy and rewarding to grow Bulbophyllum. Grow moist with brief periods of drying.

Bloom Size $38.00




Cirrhopetalum auratum 'Other World' CHM/AOS

Beautifully grown divisions of this super Cirrhopetalum species. All bloom size divisions are over 5 pseudobulbs in size. Flower arrangement is described as umbrel. Keep wet to slightly moist. Does not get as tall as some Bulbophyllum and relatives with a manageable size near 6 inches tall. Photograph taken by David Atkins in our greenhouse. Bloom Size $25.00


Bloom Size $25.00



Cymbidium aloifolium (The Aloe-Leafed Cymbidium)

Sturdy plants with upright foliage produce many sprays of pendant (waterfall) inflorescences with tons of flowers flowing down each. This orchid species in native to Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou and Yunnan provinces of China, Assam, Bangladesh, India, eastern Himalayas, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Andaman Islands , Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Java and Sumatra in evergreen and in semi-deciduous and deciduous dry lowland forests and savana-like woodlands at elevations of sea level to 1100 meters. Grow warm. Spring / Summer bloomers. These plants are large and bloom size. Blooms are straw colored heavily striped in Indian red becoming near black centrally. The anther cap and lip keels are bright lemon yellow. Very attractive attention grabbing orchid species.

Bloom Size $35.00


Cymbidium dayanum 'Brower Mill'

Although considered a cool grower by some, this orchid lives in our Phalaenopsis greenhouse with temps that never go below 64 degrees and blooms reliably every year for us. Easy to grow. Provide even moisture throughout the year and bright light for best bloomings. Blooms are white to soft pink with a red single central stripe on sepals and petals. Lip is cherry red with yellow central raised keels. Multiple flower stems are formed basally. Late summer to early fall bloomer. Rewarding. Limited.

Bloom Size $30.00




Dendrobium cumulatum

Found in India, eastern Himalayas, Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Borneo. Can take a variety of temps from cool growing to warm growing. Vanilla scented blooms with a crystalline substance. Sparkling! Blooms are pink with various shades of darker pink and the lip is white to soft pink. The batch we are growing shows a strong pink presence in the blooms unlike others that are near white. 4 inch pots size is offered and can easily be converted to mounted culture.

Bloom Size $25.00




Dendrobium faciferum

Found in Lesser Sunda Islands, the Moluccas and Sulawesi on old mangroves and trees in littoral woodlands, riverbeds, lakesides and flood plain at elevations of sea level to 350 meters as a medium to large sized, hot growing epiphyte with slender to robust, stiffly erect, grayish brown, greenish yellow striped, swollen below, cane-like above stems that branched towards the apex and carrying many, lanceolate, shortly and unequally bilobed apically, fleshy, shiny above, darker below leaves with dirty violet sheaths that blooms on numerous, few [2 to 5] flowered, sessile inflorescence arising from near the apex of mature leafy and leafless canes. (Club footed canes) Spring blooming (species orchid). Photo shows our photograph of the awarded Dendrobium faciferum 'Seagrove Melon Treat'. I found this blog spot link about this orchid species that I think all will enjoy!

Bloom Size $40.00 or newly potted 2 inch size $15.00


Dendrobium nemorale

The forest dwelling Dendrobium. Found in Luzon Island, the Philippines at elevations around 500 meters as a small to medium sized, hot growing epiphyte with erect, compact, jointed and deeply grooved, shortly brown haired stems carrying thin, rough textured, basally clasping leaves that are unequally notched apically and blooms in the spring on a short, 1 to 4 flowered inflorescence with the non-resupinate flowers held towards the apex of the leafy stem. Flowers are waxy and very long lasting. Cream colored background with peach tessellations throughout petals and sepals. The lip is cup shaped and the anther cap is cream colored. Very interesting and lovely. New addition! Photo used with permission by my friend Irma Saldana -Selles.

Bloom size $25.00


Dendrobium nobile 'Seagrove Berries'

A bullet proof species for us. Blooms without a chill cooler than 62 degrees. These are very nice established keikes.

Bloom size $25.00


Maxillaria perryae

Found in Ecuador in extremely wet growing conditions. Hot to warm grower. Keep evenly moist throughout year for fall/winter blooms. Yellow blooms with mahogany markings are formed basally. Apologies for no photo at this time. I provide a link to Jays Orchid Encyclopedia.

Bloom Size $28.00


Stelis argentata

Soft dusty rose blooms adorn this near miniature Stelis species. This easy to grow orchid has a large growing range in South America. Can become specimen size quickly. Flower stems produce up to 20 delightful dusty rose coloredl tri-lobed blooms. Grow slightly moist. Summer Bloomers. Super large plants for the price. CUTE!

Bloom Size $20.00






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