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In doubt of what plant would make the perfect gift? Gift certificates are available for use in the greenhouse or for web ordering. Any amount! Give me a call and let me know the ship to address and the amount. An appropriate card will be sent for the occasion. 336-879-6677


Corporate Gifts

We offer Corporate gifts for companies that may need to send out large quantities of Thank You gifts to clients, Holidays Gifts, and Orchids for Special events in the office. Most often, we choose the orchids within your desired price range and can give you an approximate cost per plant including shipping. We can ship any variety of orchid, but prefer to ship plants in low bud to ensure that your clients will get to enjoy their plant and the full potential of it's flowering. Have a company card you would like included with your shipments? You supply us with an company promotional material and we will be glad to include with your orchid shipments. 336-879-6677 for Seagrove Orchids

Company References available upon request.

We do offer a variety of plant containers that change with the seasons. Including a basket in your shipment is a light weight option. If a basket will not suit your needs, please inquire about orchid pots that are made especially for Seagrove Orchids by our neighboring potters in our community. You can also choose a less expensive orchid pot from our selection. Just give us a color preference and we will accommodate. Some samples of various pots!


We will select a large Phalaenopsis for gift giving and mail to any USA address. Color choice your option, based on availability and blooming time. Plant will be in spike and buds will be ready to open within days. One to two flowers will already be open. Prices range from $30.00 -$40.00 in six inch pot and depend on the plant size and number of spikes. Sometimes smaller pot sizes are available. Culture instructions provided. Shipping cost is normally $10.00. Costs to the West Coast can be higher.

Any 6 inch pot gift orchid will be delivered with a quality wooden basket and liner. An appropriate card stating your thoughts will also be prepared. At this time our baskets are limited to 6 inch pot size only.

Occasionally, we will have prestigious display size Phals. for sale. Inquire for pricing



We often have other genera suited for shipping while in bud. If a Phalaenopsis is not desired, we normally have budded Cattleyas or Intergeneric Oncidiums available. Please inquire for pricing and availability. Normal pot sizes range from 5 to 6 inch and pricing varies from $25.00 and up!! Often times we can offer more prestigious plants with multiple spikes. Please let us know your price range and let us select the finest orchid your money can buy!! Color selection can most often be satisfied. Culture instructions provided with every gift.