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Our Stock of heirloom and historical Cattleyas is advertised on our Seagrove Select Division Page. If you do not see us offering a plant you are currently seeking, do not hesitate to ask if we have it. We only make divisions every 4-5 years and who knows, the special orchid you seek may be in our greenhouses. Also original divisions make the most prestigious gifts for those orchid lovers in your life.



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Do you love the walking iris as much as I do? We have established keikes of Neomarica gracilis. This is the beautiful white and blue flowered form with bronze central highlights. This plant is tolerant of neglect and low water once established. They are not bog plants. They are perfect for rock gardens, pond edging, or a sunny bed. Plants can also be grown in hanging basket style with new plantlets emerging from the tips of bloomed flower stalks. Plant is prolific but not invasive. It loves our rock floor greenhouse and shows great diversity in light requirements. Blooms occur every February-March with a sequential blooming habit, one bloom after the other on the same flower stem. Safe for outdoor planting zone 9 or higher although some references say it will survive with protection in zone 8. Easy to grow indoors in bright light area and suitable as a container plant. Blooms are fragrant. $10.00

Dendrobium Spring Bird 'Kurashiki' Beautiful yellow blooms with peachy orange suffusions. Flowers start a pale yellow, then mature having the saturation of colors. A perfect Nobile type Dendrobium to start with. Plants are blooms size and pots of full of many upright canes. Give a drier winter rest with minimal waterings to be rewarded in the spring with tons of blooms. Super easy! WE DO NOT PROVIDE COLD TEMPERATURES for these little beauties and they bloom every Spring for us. Grow in medium light. $25.00


CHECK OUT THE MOUNTED ORCHID PAGE. We have hundreds of established orchids on sticks/cork/hickory bark.

Our Very Best Orchids-Limited Divisions -Last Updated 6/26/17 Trying to obtain more information about a species we feature on the website? Try the internet orchid species photo encyclopedia. I have found this guy to be very accurate and helpful.



Linda wants you to Join the American Orchid Society View their website or call (561-404-2060) to join. Special offer for in greenhouse purchases. Show me your AOS membership card and receive a 5% discount on all plant purchases. Select divisions, supplies and Seagrove handmade pottery do not qualify for this special discount.

Thanks! Ashley Wahl and The Pinestraw Magazine for our article! Click text to Read Our Seagrove Orchid Article

Most excited to be able to share the May showing of North Carolina Weekend that featured our greenhouse.

See this recent article written about purchasing orchids in the Triad. A huge thanks to Marcia Sullivan for making us part of her story. May 2013.

Pottery Junction provides me with one of a kind functional and decorative orchid pots. I was very excited to be invited to open the kiln and see my new pots! A large selection of pottery is available now. We now have the new tropical turquoise color. Other shades are blue, teal, and gun metal combinations. Visit Pottery Junction while you are in Seagrove, NC or (click on link to visit their website)

Dirtworks also provides us with one of a kind orchid pot and has custom designed our semi hydroponic orchid pot! Our selection for orchid growing pots is AMAZING! Follow Dirtworks Pottery on facebook

Seagrove Orchid Race Car has been sold!!

Crazy about Slipper Orchids?? Visit The Slipper Orchid Alliance Page.

Linda is your International Phalaenopsis Regional Director. We have meetings at locations throughout several states. Want to receive invites to these events? Just send me an email and I will add you to the Phalaenopsis activity listing! I have provided a link for joining the IPA on National it's Level.