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Phragmipediums & Paphiopedilum Page (Phrags and Paphs)

Paphiopedilum, from Paphos, the birthplace of Aphrodite, and Greek pedilon, slipper. More than 70 species in tropical Asia. Grow usually as terrestrial, but sometimes epiphytic or lithophytic. Plants have no pseudobulbs. They are relatively easy to cultivate. As a general rule, species with mottled leaves, prefer higher temperatures and those with plain solid colored leaves. Plants need water throughout the year, but not allowed to remain wet for long periods of time. A free draining mix is recommended. We use bark, charcoal, perlite, sphagnum, and rocks in combination that holds moisture but does not remain wet for long periods.


Phragmipedium Karen Sue (Red Rocket x kovachii) $75

Very near bloom size seed produced Phragmipedium hybrid. Flowers should be outstanding. Vigorous growers with ease of culture compared to Phrag kovachii parent. Grow moist in medium to bright light levels. Aways provide fast draining medium. Photo is very similar to what this cross should produce. Act fast, I only have a limited number of these glorious plants in the greenhouse. Limited $75.00


Special! Various Mottled Leaf hybrids. I will choose the nicest out of all the Paphiopedilums for you. Multiple fan plants. $25.00


Phragmipedium for Greek phragma, division or partition and pedilon, slipper referring to the slipper shaped lip. More than 200 species in Mexico, Central and South America. In nature they can grow as terrestrial, lithophytic, or sometimes a epiphytic. Phragmipedium from in seepage areas and require more moisture throughout the year than Paphiopedilums They will grow in intermediate conditions with light to moderate shade in a free-draining compost based on bark, spaghnum moss, rocks, perlite, charcoal, or combinations of any of those. Mix ingredient combinations can be many. It is most important for the mix to be free draining. Many growers are successful when Phragmipediums are grown in shallow trays of water. The name Phragmipedium is often shortened to Phrag!



Look for Phragmipedium divsion listing soon!




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