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Page updated 6/23/17



Provide Phragmipedium Orchids with plenty of water and brighter light levels for best culture and blooming.



Paphiopedilum Angelic Pinocchio =(Paphiopedilum Angel Hair 'Heavenly' X Paphiopedilum Pinocchio)

Another very limited Paphiopedilum selection in the greenhouse.

4 inch pot $40.00




Paph Bel Royal

Long petals multifloral plants are nice with multiple growths. Limited in the greenhouse to only a few plants. Bloom Size.

Bloom Size-Mature $60.00




Paphiopedilum In-Charm Grace = (Paphiopedilum In Charm White x niveum)
Growth habit is clumping and small. Leaves are nicely patterned. Photos show two of the siblings side by side in bloom. A nice new hybrid for compact Paphiopedilum lovers. Limited.

4 inch pot is bloom size $35.00



(Paphiopedilum Konan Charm X philippinense)

Trying to add color to the Paphiopedilum philippinense and reduce plant size. Predicting green blooms heavily marked in typical Paphiopedilum philippinense stripes. The addition of Paphiopedilum Konan Charm with also add ease of blooms. Limited. Multifloral Ladyslippers.
4 inch $40.00


(Paphiopedilum Lady Isabel X Angel Hair 'North')

Looking for that long petaled magic. Very nice plants. Near bloom size.

4 inch size $40.00 ----5 inch $60.00



Paphiopedilum Strawberries N Cream =( Paphiopedilum Oriental Enchantment X Paphiopedilum Telstar )

Beautiful and strong at the same time. Orchid blooms have a feminine touch to them with a soft pink overlay on the petals and pouch. Foliage is also softly patterned. These are very limited since when they bloom everyone one of them sells. Another amazing Graham Wood hybrid. 4 inch pots are multiple growths and bloom size.



Paphiopedilum Wayne Booth X Hsinying Franz

Wayne Booth is (rothschildiana X Susan Booth) Hsinying Franz is (Stoned Susan x rothschildiana) These are perfectly grown large plants of wonderful rothschildiana hybrid. These are limited.

5 inch pot $60.00


Paph. Wössner Bellarmi (bellatulum x armeniacum)

Nice new Paph hybrid for you. Blooms are yellow with various degrees of maroon spots or speckles. Beautiful patterns on the foliage are an added attraction to this most exciting offering. Plants remain manageable sized. Looking for some awards out of this bunch of seedlings.

Bloom Size in 4 inch pot $35.00





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We are open Friday and Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm , Sunday visits can be arranged by appointment.