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All of our offerings are established orchids with roots attached to the mounts. We hold all of our orchids in our greenhouses until the roots grow onto whatever mounting media they are tied. Once they are attached, they are put on this page for sale. Not a day sooner. Our orchids on mounts selections may be tied to cork bark, hickory bark, crape myrtle, or persimmon.


Aerangis fastuosa

A dwarf epiphytic species from Madagascar. Late winter to early spring blooms. Bloom size plants are mounted on persimmon wood branches. Blooms are large in relation to plant size and are held up to 6 per flower stem. White blooms are nocturnally fragrant. Bloom Size.



Aerangis kotschyana

Medium size warm growing epiphyte orchids that produce 8-20 fragrant blooms along a pendulous inflorescence. Native to a large portion of Africa and Madagascar. The waxy blooms are described as a honey/pink color and this color continues down into the nectary. Very beautiful. Mounted culture and a drier winter rest is recommended. Common name (Kotschy's Aerangis) synonyms: Aerangis grantii, Aerangis kotschyi, Angraecum semipedale. Bloom Size.



Amesiella monticolla

A fantastic miniature orchids with blooms as big as the plant. Established on persimmon wood, some of these are making bloom stems now for late winter to early spring blooming. Native to the Philippines at elevations of 1800 to 2200 meters. Pleasantly nocturnally fragrant blooms. Common Name: the Mountainous Amesiella.

Bloom Size $25.00


Brassavola Grand Stars A combination of (B nodosa X Little Stars) Super easy to grow and bloom.


Brassavola nodosa 'Bill Fischer' This is a very small growing variety of B nodosa. Bill Fischer was an iconic orchid grower in the Greensboro, NC area prior to my moving here from Maryland. This was a larger specimen plant that has been disassembled and established. These bloom size divisions are very limited. $20.00-$35.00 sized mounts.

Broughtonia domingensis Soft pink trumpet shaped blooms dangle from slender inflorescences. The darker pink, bell shaped lip opens to show off lemon yellow raised keels. Blooms occur in succession and bloom for long periods. Just a lovely species native to the island of Hispaniola and Mona Island Puerto Rico. These bloom at a very small size. Spring and Summer bloomers. $25.00 (Similar to photo. Photo is B. negrilensis)




Bulbophyllum ambrosia Native to China and Vietnam, this easy to grow Bulbophyllum orchid is fragrant like sweetened honey. The elongated psuedobulbs are attractive in that they are a burgundy color that offsets the rest of the plant. Reliable bloomer. Generous mounts. $30.00



Bulbophyllum breviscapum synonym (lasiochilum) From the side they look like horse faces. These are very nice size plants. Mounted species orchid. Summer Bloomers. Bloom Size $20.00 to 30.00


Bulbophyllum pardalotum (common name, the Leopard Spotted Bulbophyllum) Native to the Philippines, this miniature size orchid has a unique bloom habit. The blooms open in the morning and close at night. Blooms are vivid yellow orange with variable spots and striping centrally. Each bloom is held on a wire thin inflorescence. This orchid species is free flowering and blooms through the year. $25.00




Dendrobium aggregatum aka (lindleyi)

Small plant from India, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and China. Psuedobulbs are ribbed and lie flat on the mounts. Wiry flower stems carry many golden flowers with lips being darker towards their base. Needs a winter rest with cooler temperatures to ensure nice flowerings. We recommend a temperature no lower than 50 degrees. Featured is Den jenkinsii but the flowers are very similar (Species orchid) $40.00


Den canaliculatum (limited) Native to Austrailia, this warm growing orchid species is very rewarding to grow. This miniature antelope orchid produces many very fragrant blooms of golden yellow, and white with purple/plum lips. The long lasting blooms spiral up the stem and are very long lasting. Mounted culture, water 2-4 times weekly. Near bloom Size $32.00



Dendrobium lichenastrum var prenticei NE Australian native: Micro miniature that likes bright light levels and a dry winter rest. Bloom season is late Winter to early Spring. May be shown offered as Davejonesia prenticei. Generous size plants that have a creeping growth habit with terete fleshy leaves. Mounted on Crape Myrtle or Cork. $20.00- $35.00 sized mounts (Species Orchid) Common Name: The Cylindrical Button Orchid


Dendrobium loddigesii Miniature native to Laos, Vietnam, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hainan and Yunnan provinces of China and Hong Kong. The long-lasting, fragrant flowers are found from February through June on short to 3" [7.5 cm], single flowered inflorescence that arise from the nodes of leafless canes. $15.00 (Species Orchid) Common Name: Loddiges' Dendrobium



Dendrobium peguanum -- Found in the eastern Himalayas, India, Nepal, Sikkim, Myanamar and Thailand as a miniature sized, hot to cool growing lithophyte or epiphyte found on secondary shrub vegetation near streams in hot and humid areas at elevations around 300 to 400 meters. Bloom size plants are offered as established mounts. Bloom throughout the year for us from summer to spring, with the major flush of bloomings in (March-April) the spring. Recommended (species orchid). Bloom Size $25.00


Den pierardii var cucullatum

We are offering near bloom size mounts of this beautiful Dendrobium species. This species has a wide native distribution range in China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Java, Borneo, Sulawaesi to Queensland Australia. One of the prettiest and easiest to bloom cane Dendrobiums we grow. This the color form of pink with the yellow center. Lovely. These plants prefer mounted culture and a dry winter rest with no fertilizer during the winter months. Beautifully fragrant of violet scent. Spring bloomers.





Dendrobium-Dockrillia wasellii Native to Australia. Has closely grouped upright, grooved, banana shaped leaves. Grow bright and best suited for mounting culture. Minimal winter drying preferred. Grow best subjected to intermediate to warm temperatures. Bloom size plants on cork bark. Blooms in the summer, June, July, and August. $25.00-$40.00 (Species Orchid) Has been reclassified into the group Dockrillia. Common Name: The Furrowed Pencil Orchid.


Dendrobium unicum Mounted orchids on cork bark. Good size plants are bloom size and produce brightly colored tangerine blossoms. Grow bright. Native to Vietnam, Laos, Burma and Thailand and grows in lowland situations. Grow warm. Needs a period of decreased fertilizer and water during winter for Spring blooming. (Species orchid) They typically bloom when they are leafless. Do not be alarmed if your leaves fall off the blooming canes. Very limited.

Small Size $25.00

Epidendrum polybulbon 'Golden Gate' (Dinema polybulbon)(Encyclia polybulbon) Orchids growing on mounts of this most popular Winter blooming orchid species. Easy to grow and reliable bloomers. Sweetly fragrant miniature. Perfect for show displays. Becomes large specimen size easily. Bloom Size $25.00


Grosourdya appendicullata cute minature native to Malaysia, Burma, Thailand, Javq and the Phillipines. Rarely cultivated MINIATURE ORCHID. Blooms are golden yellow with russett speckles. The lip forms a little smooth bowl (sac). Bloom size. Grow warm. Grows in Phalaenopsis conditions. $20.00



Lc. Love Knot - One of Linda's creations using (C. walkeriana 'Pendentive' X L.sincorana 'Jose Rodriquez' ) as parents in this primary orchid hybrid. Blooms have been larger than expected with nice form and shape. These mounted orchids are bloom size Photo is one of actual orchids that is for sale. $35.00



Leptotes bicolor These orchids are being offered only on mounts. Fragrant white flowers with delicate pink lips. Grow with medium light conditions and water often. Bloom size and bloom every Feb-March-April, Spring. Choice parents were used in these hybrids. We now have a mix of different parentage to offer to the public. John Dunkelberger breeding at it's finest. He is the one to produce the largest flowers on this orchid species. Fragrant Orchid. $30.00 Smaller near bloom size mounts are also available now for $20.00 each.




Nanodes discolor Miniature. Near translucent flowers of green and pink have extremely heavy substance. Plants grow as a creeping mat over the mount. Very attractive even when not in bloom. Good under light candidate. The perfect orchid gift for someone who has many orchids. $25.00

Neofinetia falcata var Syutenno (Vanda falacata) 'John's Sparky' AM/AOS x self Miniature. Really nice color variety of the legiondary Japanese Samuri Orchid. Parent plant has raspberry red flower stems and vibrant pink necatary. Flowers also showed hints of vibrant pink at sepal tips. Really special plants. These are mounted and very near bloom size. $30.00 LIMITED. Follow the link to photo I obtained a flask of these from Troy Meyers conservatory years ago and these are finally large enough to sell.



Podangis dactylocerus

Ice candies is the best way I can describe these crystalline near transluscent spurred flowers. The plants are fan shaped with growths occuring in a pyramidal fashion. Plants are pleasing when not in flower. Easy to grow in Phalaenopsis conditions. Allow a drier winter rest period with semi-shaded conditions. Native to east Africa. Blooms occur spring through fall. Very limited on mounts. MOunts all sold and only offered currently in pots.


Psygmorchis pusilla The tiny fan orchid. Chrome yellow blooms are held are held outright fashion from miniature growths. Blooms are very large in relationship to plant size. The palm fan miniature growths form basally and become magnificent specimens. Very limited on crape myrtle branches. $22.00


Restrepia antennifera (common name: the antennae carrying restrepia) Super nice mounts on hickory slab. Bug like blooms dangle in the air among pendant flower stems. Blooms are golden yellow with striation of orange and mahogany. Very prolific and rewarding. Found in Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador and Peru in Andean forests on tree trunks at elevations approximately 1600 to 3500 meters. Super easy to grow. $20



Scaphyglottis graminofolia (The grass like leaf Scaphyglottis) Blooms periodically throughout the year with Spring appearing to be the heaviest for blooms. Found from Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Venezuela in wet montane and cloud forests at elevations of 850 to 2600 meters as a small sized, cool to hot growing orchid. Easy! $20.00


Sigmatostalix radicans -aka Ornithophora radicans. Very rewarding miniature species orchid. Blooms in October and March for us. Found in Espiritu Santo, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Parana, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul states of Brazil near the coast at elevations around 400 meters. We have found that these are best grown mounted. Fragrant orchid. Common Name: The Ground Rooting Ornithophora. Medium light levels and daily moisture make for good culture. Flowers are green/white with yellow centers and extremely attractive. Prolific bloomers. This orchid is also known as Ornithophora radicans. Fall bloomers. Fragrant species Orchid $20.00


Tolumnia hawkesiana Generous size mounts. Species native to Cuba. Easy to grow and quickly makes specimen size display. We are offering mounts at $25.00 and $30.00


Tolumnia velutina One of our favorites here in the greenhouse. Cheerful blossoms float atop the lush fan shaped growths of this Oncidium species. Occurs in nature, primarily in Haiti at mid elevations. Summer Bloomer. $25.00





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