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Select KEIKES are also featured on the stem prop page!!

Phalaenopsis Clones , Phalaenopsis Seedlings, Species, Neofinetia, Renanthera, Ascocentrum, Ascocenda, and Vanda Orchids.

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Phalaenopsis Hybrids and Species Offerings

The inventory of Phals changes very quickly in our greenhouse. New exciting things can be seen everyday in the greenhouse and it is impossible for me to keep up with them on the web site, so if in doubt or have a special request, please inquire. Note that the use of the genus name Doritis and it's hybrids, Doritaenopsis is no longer valid although you can still find it's use in current references. Doritis is now Phalaenopsis. When available, spiking plants will be chosen to fill your orchid order!


Phal ambrosia (unknown hybrid)

Multifloral beauty with soft peach-pink blooms. The lip is strong in orange. Another multifloral to tempt you with this Spring. Beautiful grown plants. A hit!

Bloom size $30.00


Phal Bellicose

What is so different about Phalaenopsis Bellicose. A bright canary lip, clean white background blooms with clear burgundy random markings, and a very nicely spaced arching stem/bloom habit. Harlequin breeding has come a long way from a bunch of rough textured blooms homing at the end of a squat flower stem. Near perfection in harlequin breeding. This has become a favorite among our customers.

Bloom size $25


Phal Carolina Bronze Meteor 'Lenette' HCC/AOS

Awarded on April 11, 1997 in Virginia Beach, Va. This Phalaenopsis Golden Peoker progeny is ORANGE! Multiprop process plants are offered. These have been growing in the greenhouse out of culture for over a year. Ready to grow for you in 2 inch plastic pots. Leaf spans are approximately 4 inches. One has flowered at this size! These plants are limited as only 10 props where created.



Phal Chia Shing Hot Kiss 'Liu's Best' (Phalaenopsis Yu Pin Fireworks x Chia-Shing Focus)

Limited edition of stem props taken out of bottle less than a year ago are growing like gangbusters. Excited to be able to offer this peloric Golden Peoker progeny. I will not be offering these plants at this price for long. Once mature, will have a lovely cascading stem habit. Some have bloomed in their community tray.



Phal Pure Moon 'Green Pixie'

Bloom size 4 inch pots of this new multifloral pastel yellow-green. Leaf spans on mature plants are over 10 inches. Spring bloomers. Delightful multifloral Phalaenopsis!



Phal Ken Avant 'Seagrove' (Phalaenopsis Golden Sun x Brecko Cordablaze)

A chance to purchase one of our multiprops prior to award. Plants are out of flask tubes for over a year and individually potted from community trays. Plants are established in 2 inch pots with healthy root systems. Leaf spans are 3 inch plus. Largest ones will be sent to first customers. Be the first to get this high quality orchid awarded! There is a wonderful history here with the one parent originating in Brown Summit North Carolina at Breckinridge Orchids. Mark Rose (Breckinridge Orchids) is a mentor and friend to Seagrove Orchids! Blooms are glowing red. Example photo used with permission by Daryl Hudson, customer who has bloomed the first one! Tiny 2 inch pot showing a single bloom. I can't wait to see Ken Avant photo by customers in a full shingle of blooms!!




Phal Sogo Yenlin (Phalaenopsis Sogo Vivien x Sogo Berry)

Produces the blooms! Many dark purple blooms are held on branching inflorescences. Beautifully grown Phalaenopsis plants are out performing my expectations on bloom count. Each flower is edged in white making an outstanding show stopping presentation. Ours took blue ribbon in Greensboro NC 2020 spring show.

Bloom Size $30.00



Phal Streetwise

Harlequin multifloral Phalaenopsis. Blooms are yellow cream and burgundy. Profusion of blooms. 4.5 inch pot size. Variable bloom season.

Bloom size (mature) $25.00




Phal Tinkerbell's Kizz

Harlequin Big Lip!!!! Fantastic new addition for Seagrove Orchids! Blooms are displayed in striking fashion with dark magenta blooms on a bright white background. Limited Beauties!

Bloom Size (mature) $30.00


Phalaenopsis Timothy Christopher ( Phal Cassandra x Phal amabilis)

Beautifully grown orchid plants with over 10 inch leaf span. Multiple fan layers. One of the most sought after multifloral miniature hybrids. Timothy Christopher produces many white blooms with yellow lip accents on branching inflorescences. A good candidate for growing under lights, windowsill, or for those growing with space concerns.

Bloom Size in 4 inch pot $30.00


My best way to describe the production of Phalaenopsis. So many of your ask me over the phone to explain seedlings, mericlones, and stem props. This is very simplified for your general information. If you would like greater detail, please consult with a commercial cloning lab.

A seedling is produced by pollinating an Phallie orchid flower with itself or by crossing it to another Phalaenopsis or Phalaenopsis allied genus. A seed pod is formed, seed ripens and it is sowed in a sterile environment and placed on nutrients typically in sterilized bottles or jars.

A mericlone is produced under sterile environments in a laboratory. Phalaenopsis plant tissue is subjected to replicating chemicals and nutrients. Many orchid plants can be produced from this original Phalaenopsis plant tissue. The more orchid plants that are produced from this tissue the more chances you have for slight changes and aberrations. Mericlones are not considered exact duplicates of the original cloned mother plant by many orchid collectors. Sometimes Phalaenopsis orchid plants that are supposed to be clones can have slight obvious differences. Other times, extreme differences.

Stem Prop process is the duplication of the mother plant by using the individual nodes that are formed up and down the flower stem (inflorescence). Each node is excised from the stem, isolated, sterilized and planted into sterile containers that contain a very dilute mixture of replicating chemicals and nutrients. Each node can produce one duplicate plantlet of the original stem mother orchid plant. These individual plants produced from individual nodes, are considered exact duplicates of the Phalaenopsis mother orchid. If fortunate, a wonderful action can occur, multiprops can form basally from your stem prop culture. Multiprops lie somewhere between stem prop and a clone. Multiprops are considered much more exact to parent than mericlones since the duplicating mixture was very dilute. Sometimes if replicating chemical solutions are mixed too strong, death can occur to the node and no Phalaenopsis stem prop will occur.

Keike, the Hawaiian word for baby is also what the plantlets that occur on existing Phalaenopsis stems are called.


Vandaceous Plants-Rhyncostylis-Ascocentrum-Vandas

Orchid Species


Come visit us for Blue Vandas and a very large variety of Vandaceous Orchids. There is something blooming throughout every season. You can always ask if we have that special Vandaceous orchid you are seeking.


Asctm ampullaceam-(Vanda ampullacea)

Near bloom sized seed produced Vandaceous orchid species. A great miniature orchid! Small plants that produce a profusion of hot pink blooms. Native to China, western Himalayas, Assam India, Bangladesh, eastern Himalayas, Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, Andaman Islands, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. Grow warm to hot in partial shade. In winter likes a slight drying out. $25.00


Vanda denisoniana

Vanda denisoniana prefers partial shade and warm to hot temperatures. The orange to golden yellow blooms are sweetly fragrant. Sometimes decorative speckling on blooms can occur. Origin Yunnan China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. Plants can bloom at a very small size. Easily transferred to wooden basket culture but these are happily growing in 2 inch mesh baskets. $20.00





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