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Last Updated 2-11-2018

Seagrove Orchids Select Cattleya Divisions




Limited Divisions- All Orchid Alliances

(Currently offering Ascocenda, Cattleya Alliances, Brassavola, Bulbophyllum, Dendrobium, Paphiopedilum, and Phragmipedium )

We repot and divide orchids rarely. We do not offer divisions that are not established and we accurately describe the number of pseudobulbs or growths offered. These divisions are extremely limited and most are only available every three to five years. Please do not ask for smaller divisions than those offered. All divisions are bloom size and should flower on their next mature growth. Sorry, but no discounts are offered on Seagrove Orchids Division Listing.

These are not breeding stock divisions. Once we obtain a plant, it is divided into two parts. One part for breeding and one for growing. None of the divisions offered have ever been used as a pod bearing parent in our breeding program. All divisions are accurately described and growing nicely.


Why do we only sell established divisions or established mounts? We want you to succeed with your new Seagrove Orchid. These plants are very special to me and I want divisions of them to grow well for you and continue to do so for many years.


Ascocenda Yip Sum Wah 'Flame' FCC/AOS I am offering an established basal keike from our show plant. Potted in open mix in a plastic pot. You can continue to grow in the pot or transfer to basket culture. The red Ascocenda. Blooms at a small size and continues to bloom throughout the year once mature. $50.00


B. Jimminey Cricket 'Gee Whiz' HCC/AOS Original division of summer blooming orchid. Division is 10 psuedobulbs and potted in a 5 inch round. Fun to grow. $60.00 SOLD



Blc Eric Paul 'Judy' (Ronald Hausermann x Lavender Star) Large standard Cattleya made famous by the Hausermann Company. 4 Large pseudobulbs (growths) planted and established in a 5 inch pot. Raspberry red petals and the darker raspberry ruffled lip make this a must have beauty. Fall Bloomer. From the Jack Kepley collection. $50.00


Blc. Heron's Ghyll 'Nigrescens' AM/AOS AM/RHS (Normans Bay x Ishtar) This gorgeous historical orchid obtained an AM from the Royal Horticultural Society in 1960 and then an AM of 87 points from The American Orchid Society in 1961. Offered is an established bloom size original division of this beauty. $275.00



Blc Yuan Nan Mini 'Queen Anne' HCC/AOS an original division of Roger Cole awarded orchid. Glowing orange blooms are long lasting. The lip and petal/sepals are heavily speckled red/orange centrally. This is a rewarding orchid to grow as it is vigorous and free blooming. Heaviest bloom season is early Summer. Offered is a 6+ psuedobulb established division. Sure to easily become one of your favorite orchids. One only offered. $60.00 (New genus name is Powellara) hybrid is (Bl Richard Muller x C Chocolate Drop)



Bulbophyllum Elizabeth Ann 'Buckleberry' FCC/AOS Original division of this FCC winning orchid. 8 pseudobulb potted bloom sized division offered. $40.00 Inquire for larger specimen plants.

Bulbophyllum Elizabeth Ann "Jean' HCC/AOS Just like the Elizabeth Ann listed above except that the blooms are a much softer shell pink $35.00

Blc. Grezaffi's Blue 'Joe' 4 pseudobulb established division. Strong growing medium blue. The lip lower half is darker blue and the lip centrally is medium canary yellow. Very fragrant. A nice addition to any collection. 1st time ever offered. Established division $80.00 for photo you can follow this link to my friend Courtney Hackneau's website. http://roseg4art.com/Orchid-photo-galleries/Orchid-photos-cattleya-hybrids.html


Blc Orange Nugget 'Lea' One of the parents of Blc. Wanda's Fire 'Seagrove' AM/AOS. Flowers bloom luscious bright orange. Red highlights are striped in the inner most portions of the lip and down the center of the ruffled lip. Clone divisions are offered of this vigorous growing orchid. 6 inch pot offered. Blooms are very similar to featured photo, Blc. Wanda's Fire 'Seagrove Orchids'. $30.00


Brassavola David Sander 'Carney' HCC/AOS (B. cucullata x B digbyana) Beautiful! Obtained from The Little Greenhouse 1996. Blooms are off white with soft pink blush in the sepals. The spear shaped lip is ruffled around the outer margin. Wonderfully rewarding plant. One of my favorites to grow and bloom. Night fragrant. This is a 4 pseudobulb original division of the plant shown. Grow bright for best coloration in blooms. $100.00


Bulbophyllum rothschildianum 'Red Chimney' FCC/AOS Originally awarded in 1976 for flower quality with an AM/AOS, this orchid was showed 15 years later to receive it's FCC/AOS. This orchid also has many culture awarded granted to it's owners for exception culture. We grow Bulbophyllums bright and evenly moist throughout the year. A super fine example of this easy to grow species. (1) division offered in plastic pot with terrestrial orchid mix. $75.00



Bulbophyllum rothschildianum 'Seagrove Low Tide' AM/AOS Established and ready to grow for you original divisions of our awarded Bulbophyllum rothschildianum. Prolific grower and show stopper when in flower. A very nice form of B. rothschildianum with beautiful rich color and full flower segments. Another super fine example of this easy to grow orchid species. This particular palnt was awarded in November of 2012. Largest divisions will be selected for purchasers first. All are potted in terrrestrial orchid mix in plastic pots. $50.00



Cattleya Hummingbird 'Oakhill' (Porcia x loddigesii) Offered is a 5 psuedobulb established original division of this beautiful bifoliate. Plant grows strong and upright with good spacing of psuedobulbs. Photo used with permission of Brian Monk and Blue Llama Orchids. The bright pink blooms are of wonderful substance and glow in the light. Very pretty. Only one $75.00 SOLD


Cattleya intermedia 'Penn Valley' 6 psuedobulbs of this clone division. Blooms are near pure white on this free flowering heirloom Cattleya. 5 inch pot is bloom size. $35.00



Cattleya maxima var semi alba 'La Pedrena' SM/JOGA Offered is a mature bloom size division of this highly sought after color form of Cattleya maxima. Blooms are white, lightly veined soft purple in the petals. Orchid lip is trumpet shaped with exotic veining throughout lip interior. A canary yellow blaze divides the inner lip coloration. Very beautiful. Only one available. $95.00


Cattleya perciviliana 'Summit' FCC/AOS original division from Mark Rose via the Kepley collection. 5 pseudobulbs. Photo shows the actual plant offered with bloom sheath now. It also shows cut leaf. This is a true performer and great growing Cattleya. Called this Christmas orchid since it blooms so close to Christmas every year. Established and ready to bloom. $75.00 due to cut leaf.




Cattleya Porcia 'Cannizaro' from Merritt Huntington. Original purchased from Kensington Orchids. This is an large bloom size division of our show orchid. Provide bright light and hold fertilizers when temps are above 90 degrees for strong upright growths. Fall bloomer. Always seems to get a ribbon during show season. Color is best described as medium plum with dark plum lips. Flowers are held upright with large heads of flowers. (C. Armstrongiae x bowringiana) $125.00


Cattleya Tiffin Bells 'Orchidglade' AM/AOS Ideal gift for the orchid grower that has everything. Offered is an bloom size original 6 pseudobulb division. Origin, private grower in Washington DC. Pristine condition. $225.00


Cattleya trianaei var alba 'Aranka Germanske' FCC/AOS Established 3 pseudobulb front lead division. $250.00


Cattleya walkeriana var coerulea 'Chou-Jo' JC/AOS Finally we are able to offer a divisions of this Cattleya orchid species. From our show plant that grows in a wooden basket, we have established a double, 12 pseudobulb total plant for $125.00 and a 6 or 7 pseudobulb plant for $75.00. Potted in plastic. Very sweetly fragrant. Fall bloomer. Original divisions. This is not a clone division. Plant obtained from The Little Greenhouse in 1996.


Cirr. auratum 'Other World' CHM/AOS Bloom size divisions are offered of this Cirrhopetalum species in 4 inch pots! Super easy to grow and flower. All divisions are over 5 psuedobulbs in size. Flower arrangements described as umbrel. Keep wet to slightly moist. Does not get as tall as some Bulbophyllums and relatives with a manageable size height near 6 inches tall. Photograph taken by David Atkins in our greenhouse. Bloom Size $20.00



Dendrobium clavitor 'Seagrove Friendships' CCM/AOS

These are bloom size keikes potted in 3 inch pots of the award winning Dendrobium species clavitor. Native to Thailand and Malaysia. Grow warm and bright. Easy and very rewarding. This species has the broom stick growth habit with swollen bases of psuedobulbs. $25.00 for potted or mounted, established bloom size keikes.


Encyclia oncidioides 'Seagrove Tower' Tall stems of blooms produce tons of flowers. Found in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Surinam, Trinidad, Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil as a medium to large sized, hot to warm growing, terrestrial or lithophyte that occurs in white sand areas and rock outcrops at elevations of sealevel to 750 meters with clustered, conical to ovoid pseudobulbs carrrying 2 to 3 strap-shaped leaves that blooms in the spring and summer on a terminal, several to many flowered, paniculate, 3' [90 cm] long inflorescence arising from a mature pseudobulb carrying sweetly fragrant, long lasting flowers. Synonym: Encyclia argentinenses, Encyclia cardinii, Encyclia ensiformis, Encyclia guillemianum, and Epidendrum oncidioides. Large divisions are sending up flower stems today (1-1-2018) $50.00


Epidendrum ciliare (Coilostylis cilaris) 'Brower Mill' (Fringed Star Orchid) Photo features the actual plant you are purchasing. This is a double lead orchid division of our mother plant. Very large flowers with bright white spear lips. Extremely fine example of the species. Grows great and blooms in the summer. $40.00


Lc. Angel Love 'Pinkie' (Lc Puppy Love x Cattleya Angel Walker) What a beautiful pink lady. Blooms are held upright on sturdy stems. This early fall blooming orchid always stands out in the crowd. Strong, established, beefy, bloom size division offered. One of Linda's favorites. $65.00


Lc Aqua Finn 'Nature's Best' I feature a photo of the plant I am offering of this division. Division includes 6 pseudobulbs. This is a Seagrove favorite. I like the vigorous growth habit and the multiple large flowers that this orchid produces. Established and bloom size for you. From the Jack Kepley collection. $60.00


Lc Hawaiian Blue Sky 'Chelsea' 5 plus growths offered with each established coerulea orchid division (1) division offered $55.00 Photo taken on cloudy day. This is a very nice true coerulea Cattleya.



Lc. Lois McNeil 'Ace' another blue orchid (coerulea) offered from our show collection. This is an generous size established bloom size clone division (6 psuedobulbs) $35.00 blooms in clusters of flowers.

Lc Lois McNeil 'Ace' original division from the Arbec Orchid collection. Bloom Size! $75.00





Lc Molly Tyler FCC/RHS 6 psuedobulb plus new lead on a original division of this lovely bifoliate Cattleya. Great value at $75.00. Lavender flowers with purple lip and yellow lip interior.


Lc Sacramento Rose 'Old Town' (C. Mini Purple x C. alaorii) A chance to obtain an AOS award quality mini! Not awarded to date, but I have checked the awards on this cross and this one is definitely in the game for an award. Three pseudobulbs plus one new growth. From the Joyce Patton collection. Super cute mini cattleya! $80.00


Lc. Straight Answer 'No Question' Excited to be able to once again be able to offer Lc. Straight Answer 'No Question' from Stewart Orchids. One of the more cherished orchids in our collection. Only one division at this time. $200.00


Paph St. Swithin 'Wilson' CCE/AOS (hybrid is rothschildianum x philippinense) 2 fan division of this CCE award winner. Great grower and reliable bloomer. You are purchasing an original division of the plant Jack Kepley owned. $175.00 SOLD


Phragmipedium Schroederae 'Kepley Rose' AM/AOS Multiple fan divisions of this spectacular Schroederae are offered. Seems to be constantly in bloom. First time ever offered. $200.00 Pink and white showstopper!


Potinara Dosa Lemon 'Cariad's Cooler' HCC/AOS Heads of beautiful softly tinted yellow blooms are held above Brassavola nodosa type foliage. Grow bright or like Brassavola nodosa. The open lip is large. Usually makes three blooms to a flower stem. Winter blooming. Only one clone division offered. Multiple generous growths. Lovely! Great grower and reliable bloomer. $60.00




Potinara Egyptian Queen 'Desert Eve' 6 pseudobulb plus one new lead. Gorgeous glowing color. Medium height bifoliate. Plant is established and ready to grow. This is so nice! $200.00




Procatavola Walnut Valley Lime Stars 'Seagrove Orchids' HCC/AOS 8 pseudobulb established original division of this winter blooming orchid. Blooms have a wonderful evening fragrance. Easy to grow. $75.00



Slc Circle of Life 'New Ace' AM/AOS Blooms beautifully. A recent acquisition at the AOS fundraiser held in Asheville, N.C. Offering 6 pseudobulb plant with new growth emerging basally. Early winter bloomer. The color on this one glows. Blooms are flat and well held. $150.00


Slc. Circle of Life 'Spring Joy' 8 pseudobulb division offered of a plant Sue Fordyce brought to the Greensboro, NC orchid society meeting several years ago. . Plant grows strongly and is a bloom size established division. Blooms are vibrant rose pink with a cerise lip. Flower segments are flat and overlapping. $100.00




Slc Jewel Box 'Scheherazade' AM/AOS 5 pseudobulb clone division $25.00







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We are open Friday and Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm , Sunday visits can be arranged by appointment.