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Last Updated 4-20-2020

Seagrove Orchids Select Cattleya Divisions



Classic Cattleyas and Others


Limited Divisions- All Orchid Alliances
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(Currently offering Ascocenda, Cattleya, Brassavola, Bulbophyllum, Dendrobium, Laelia, Paphiopedilum, and Phragmipedium )

We repot and divide orchids rarelebay

y. To ensure your growing success, we mainly offer divisions that are established and we accurately describe the number of pseudobulbs or growths offered. Bare root divsions are offered from time to time. These divisions are extremely limited and most are only available every three to five years. Please do not ask for smaller divisions than those offered. All divisions are bloom size and should flower on their next mature growth. Sorry, but no discounts are offered on Seagrove Orchids Division Listing.

These are not breeding stock divisions. Once we obtain a plant, it is divided into two parts. One part for breeding and one for growing. None of the divisions offered have ever been used as a pod bearing parent in our breeding program. All divisions are accurately described and growing nicely.


Why do we only sell established divisions or established mounts? We want you to succeed with your new Seagrove Orchid. These orchids are very special to me and I want divisions of them to grow well for you and continue to do so for many years.


Ascocenda Yip Sum Wah 'Flame' FCC/AOS I am offering an established basal keike from our show plant. Potted in open mix in a plastic pot. You can continue to grow in the pot or transfer to basket culture. The red Ascocenda. Blooms at a small size and continues to bloom throughout the year once mature. $50.00



Blc Eric Paul 'Judy' (Ronald Hausermann x Lavender Star) Large standard Cattleya made famous by the Hausermann Company. 4 Large pseudobulbs (growths) planted and established in a 5 inch pot. Raspberry red petals and the darker raspberry ruffled lip make this a must have beauty. Fall Bloomer. From the Jack Kepley collection. $50.00



Bulbophyllum Emily Siegerist 'Seagrove' A very dark form! Super nice shape and color for this (Elizabeth Ann x lasiochilum) hybird. (3 available in 5 inch round pots). Bloom Size $35.00


Bulbophyllum medusae 'Peter' - Rambling bloom sized mount! Flowers are the mop head bulbophyllum without red spots. Flowers are highlighted by yellow centers. Super nice. Please grow damp for best results with bright light levels. $40.00


Bulbophyllum rothschildianum 'Seagrove Low Tide' AM/AOS Established and ready to grow for you original divisions of our awarded Bulbophyllum rothschildianum. Prolific grower and show stopper when in flower. A very nice form of B. rothschildianum with beautiful rich color and full flower segments. Another super fine example of this easy to grow orchid species. This particular plant was awarded in November of 2012. Largest divisions will be selected for purchasers first. All are potted in terrrestrial orchid mix in plastic pots. $50.00


Cattleya aurantiaca 'Miami' CBM/AOS Awarded January 1965. This is the first yellow Cattleya aurantiaca (Guarianthe) awarded by the American Orchid Society. Flowers are golden yellow with intricate red veining in lip interior. Several divisions available. Price range from $125 to $200



Cattleya Bob Betts 'Liberty Hill' AM/AOS (C Bow Bells x mossiae) 4 pseudobulbs with current new lead planted in a 6 inch pot . Awarded 83 points in 1958! A jewel of orchid history. $250.00



Cattleya bowringiana 'Country Acres' 4 psuedobulbs growing strong and upright. Blooms best described as deep violet plum color. Wonderful color! Historic Cattleya seldom offered in the orchid community. $200.00


Cattleya Gaskell-Pumila 'Azure Star' HCC/AOS (1) plants offered. Both have more than 6 psuedobulbs each. Produces a stunning pumila type bloom. Lip is velvet dark blue with the petals exhibiting the same blue in petal flaring. Flower size is enormous in relationship to plant size. Choice! Helpful parent in keeping plants size down in future coerulea hybrids while allowing for gorgeous blue blooms and flower size. Bloom Size $30.00


Cattleya intermedia 'Pine Knot' Established bloom size 6 psuedobulb division. $60.00 (blooms very similar to photo)


Cattleya (BLC) Memoria Grant Eichler 'Lenette' HCC/AOS (Obtained from Norman Harold and Jeff Snider collection) 4 psuedobulbs and will need an oversized box for shipping. $300.00 Photo of actual plant offered. Stated by previous owner as original division.

Cattleya (Lc) Mini Purple 'Lea' AM/AOS (Cattleya) pumila x Cattleya walkeriana) 4 pseudobulb division of our plant obtained in 1998. Vigorous grower with large flowers for plant size. Truly a little gem. Warmth tolerant. Sweet space conserving orchid! $35.00


Cattleya perciviliana 'Albert's' One of the better clones available of Cattleya perciviliana. Seldom seen in orchid collections. My enormous show orchid was growing in a wooden slat basket for 21 years and needed to be reworked. Offered are established divisions from this plant. Plant has never been used as pod parent. Absolutely beautiful. Choice heirloom Cattleya species. 4 inch and larger established potted divisions are available to purchase. All 4 inch pots contain 3+ psuedobulbs. The frilled lip interior speaks for itself. Obtained from David Broadhurst in 1998. 4 inch $125 and inquire for larger pot sizes.


Cattleya perciviliana 'Summit' FCC/AOS Original division obtained from Mark Rose of Breckinridge Orchids. Orchid plant is established and ready to grow for you. . $60.00 SOLD



Cattleya walkeriana 'Manhattan Blue' Established divisions taken off our large display plant. Nicely grown bloom size potted plants. Each plant has three or more pseudobulbs. Choice! $50.00



Dendrobium clavitor 'Seagrove Friendships' CCM/AOS

These are bloom size keikes potted in 3 inch pots of the award winning Dendrobium species clavitor. Native to Thailand and Malaysia. Grow warm and bright. Easy and very rewarding. This species has the broom stick growth habit with swollen bases of pseudobulbs. $20.00 for potted or mounted, established bloom size keikes.

Laelia anceps 'Broadbow' Awarded December of 1994 with(51 flowers and 29 buds on 29 flower stems). I enjoy growing the 'Broadbow' cultivar because of it's manageable growth habit. Pseudobulb growth are spaced more tightly together and the flower stems are less than 34 inches tall. This orchid is a joy to grow! You are purchasing a 9 pseudobulb original division growing in an 8 inch bulb pan. (1) division only. $175.00


Laelia lobata 'Kepley' Pure white variety of a medium sized Laelia species. It grows with vigor much like Laelia purpurata enjoying my warm to hot North Carolina heat. Flower size is slightly smaller than Laelia purpurata as well as mature plant size. . Blooms are clear white with a ruffled open lip. Throat interior faint pale yellow. Unifolaite leaf habit. Established 3+ psuedobulb divisions are offered. $40.00



Phragmipedium Indolina Rubyfire 'Flannery Fork' Registered by Mark Rose of Breckinridge Orchids in 1999. (Phrag Calurum x Memoria Dick Clements) First division we have ever offered of this glowing red orange beauty. Multiple fan growth original division. $100.00

Phragmipedium Memoria Dick Clement 'Mercerful' One of my absolute favorite orchids. Gifted to me by Mercer Stowers, a dear friend over 20 years ago. This MDC has fantastic color and can still rival those today. Multiple fan growths offered on this red blooming Phragmipedium. $40.00


Phragmipedium Paul Eugene Conroy 'Brower Mill' Green flowers with bronze higlhlights in long petals and pouch.. (2) divisions available. Both are multiple growth divisions with 3 or more growths. $40.00



Phragmipedium Schroederae 'Kepley Rose' AM/AOS Original Division Awarded July 2005. Multiple fan divisions of this spectacular Schroederae are offered. Seems to be constantly in bloom. Photo used with permission of AOS photographer James Harris. When awarded blooms were 11 cm across by 9 cm tall. Pink and white sequential blooming showstopper! This is a beautiful orchid! SOLD OUT


Phragmipedium Sorcerer's Apprentice 'Spirit' AM/AOS Original Division Awarded an AM/AOS in July 2003. Easy to grow original division! Towering flower stems produce green flowers highlighted by red in the pouch and the petals. Sequentially blooming stems produce flowers for months and months. Hybrid is (Phrag longifolium x Phrag sargentianum) photo used with permission of AOS photographer James Harris. Minimum of two fans per division. (2) offered at $60.00


Powellara (formerly Potinara) Yuan Nan Mini 'Queen Anne' HCC/AOS (Ctt. Chocolate Drop x Bc Richard Muller) Awarded an HCC/AOS in July 2008. Vigorous growing plants produce multiple leads. Blooms best described as cinnabar or Chinese Red. Multiple blooms per stem open golden and mature into glowing red orange flowers that bear a yellow tubular lip speckled with Chinese Red. Plant can produce up to 6-7 blooms per flower head. Original division from my dear mentor and friend at Arbec Orchids. Photo used with permission of AOS photographer James Osen. (1) division offered. Bloom size, established division has 6 or more pseudobulbs $75.00








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