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Last Updated 6/30/2017

Seagrove Orchids Select Cattleya Divisions




Limited Divisions- All Orchid Alliances

(Currently offering Cattleya Alliances, Bulbophyllum, Dendrobium, Paphiopedilum, and Phragmipedium )

We repot and divide orchids rarely. We do not offer divisions that are not established and we accurately describe the number of pseudobulbs or growths offered. These divisions are extremely limited and most are only available every three to five years. Please do not ask for smaller divisions than those offered. All divisions are bloom size and should flower on their next mature growth. Sorry, but no discounts are offered on Seagrove Orchids Division Listing.

These are not breeding stock divisions. Once we obtain a plant, it is divided into two parts. One part for breeding and one for growing. None of the divisions offered have ever been used as a pod bearing parent in our breeding program. All divisions are accurately described and growing nicely.

Ascocenda Yip Sum Wah 'Flame' FCC/AOS I am offering an established basal keike from our show plant. Potted in open mix in a plastic pot. You can continue to grow in the pot or transfer to basket culture. The red Ascocenda. Blooms at a small size and continues to bloom throughout the year once mature. I used a flash during photography and the image is slightly overexposed. $50.00


B. Jimminey Cricket 'Gee Whiz' HCC/AOS Original division of summer blooming orchid. Division is 10 psuedobulbs and potted in a 5 inch round. Fun to grow. $60.00



Blc Eric Paul 'Judy' (Ronald Hausermann x Lavender Star) Large standard Cattleya made famous by the Hausermann Company. 4 Large pseudobulbs (growths) planted and established in a 5 inch pot. Raspberry red petals and the darker raspberry ruffled lip make this a must have beauty. Fall Bloomer. From the Jack Kepley collection. $50.00


Bulbophyllum dearei 'Matt' AM/AOS 5 psuedobulb original division of the awarded orchid. $50.00



Bulbophyllum Elizabeth Ann 'Buckleberry' FCC/AOS Original division of this FCC winning orchid. 8 pseudobulb potted bloom sized division offered. $40.00 Inquire for larger specimen plants.

Bulbophyllum Elizabeth Ann "Jean' HCC/AOS Just like the Elizabeth Ann listed above except that the blooms are a much softer shell pink $35.00




Cattleya Bactia 'Grape Wax' 4 pseudobulb division $60.00


Cattleya Culminant 'La Tuilerie' First time we offer a division of our old time favorite Culminant. It is the famous parent of Slc Circle of Life. This plant was purchased from Kensington Orchids in 1997. I offer a 3 psudobulb division of this beauty. Photo shows the division offered. Sturdy grower. $100.00



Cattleya Hummingbird 'Oakhill' (Porcia x loddigesii) Offered is a 5 psuedobulb established original division of this beautiful bifoliate. Plant grows strong and upright with good spacing of psuedobulbs. Photo used with permission of Brian Monk and Blue Llama Orchids. The bright pink blooms are of wonderful substance and glow in the light. Very pretty. Only one $75.00


Cattleya Louise Georgiana 'Texas' HCC/AOS Awarded in 1981. In my opinion, one of the prettiest Cattleya intermedia hybrids. One of my and Merritt Huntington's favorite white Cattleyas. These plants used to hang down the center of his main Cattleya house at Kensington Orchids. The first and only division ever offered from our greenhouse collection. Vigorous growers and bloomers. 5 pseudobulb established division. $85.00


Cattleya walkeriana var coerulea 'Chouji' JC/AOS Finally we are able to offer a divisions of this Cattleya orchid species. From our show plant that grows in a wooden basket, we have established a double, 12 pseudobulb total plant for $125.00 and a 6 or 7 pseudobulb plant for $75.00. Potted in plastic. Very sweetly fragrant. Spring bloomer. Original divisions.



Dendrobium clavitor 'Seagrove Friendships' CCM/AOS

These are bloom size keikes potted in 3 inch pots of the award winning Dendrobium species clavitor. Native to Thailand and Malaysia. Grow warm and bright. Easy and very rewarding. This species has the broom stick growth habit with swollen bases of psuedobulbs. $25.00 for potted or mounted, established bloom size keikes.


Epidendrum ciliare (Coilostylis cilaris) 'Brower Mill' (Fringed Star Orchid) Photo features the actual plant you are purchasing. This is a double lead orchid division of our mother plant. Very large flowers with bright white spear lips. Extremely fine example of the species. Grows great and blooms in the summer. $40.00



Lc Aqua Finn 'Nature's Best' I feature a photo of the plant I am offering of this division. Division includes 6 pseudobulbs. This is a Seagrove favorite. I like the vigorous growth habit and the multiple large flowers that this orchid produces. Established and bloom size for you. From the Jack Kepley collection. $60.00


Lc Hawaiian Blue Sky 'Chelsea' 5 plus growths offered with each established division $55.00



Lc. Irene Finney 'Ingrid' HCC/AOS Awarded in 1968 this Heirloom Cattleya says it all with her perfect presence. Spicey floral fragrant. Original division of 5 established psuedobulbs, 1 leafless in clay pot. Origin, US Botanical Garden $125.00




Lc Molly Tyler FCC/RHS 6 psuedobulb plus new lead on a original division of this lovely bifoliate Cattleya. Great value at $75.00. Lavender flowers with purple lip and yellow lip interior.


Lc Sacramento Rose 'Old Town' 3 pseudobulbs plus one new growth $40.00


Lc. Straight Answer 'No Question' Excited to be able to once again be abel to offer Lc. Straight Answer 'No Question' from Stewart Orchids. One of the more cherished orchids in our collection. Only one division at this time. $200.00


Phragmipedium Cardinale 'Birchwood' A truly lovely flower. Dorsal sepal and petals are white with soft pink highlights and the pouch is colored in pink. $60.00

Phragmipedium Inca Embers 'Le Doux's Deluxe' AM/AOS Multiple growth blooming size original division $65.00

Phragmipedium Schroederae 'Kepley Rose' AM/AOS multiple fan divisions of this spectacular Schroederae. Seems to be constantly in bloom. First time ever offered. $200.00 Pink and white showstopper!

Phragmipedium Silver Eagle 'Seagrove Satin' If you are a fan of the pink and white Phragmipedium orchids then this is a sure winner. Those with space concerns will also love the compact growth habit of this orchid. $80.00



Potinara Egyptian Queen 'Desert Eve' 6 pseudobulb plus one new lead. Gorgeous glowing color. Medium height bifoliate. Plant is established and ready to grow. This is so nice! $250.00




Procatavola Walnut Valley Lime Stars 'Seagrove Orchids' HCC/AOS 8 pseudobulb established original division of this winter blooming orchid. Blooms have a wonderful evening fragrance. Easy to grow. $75.00


Sc Beaufort 'South River' now considered Cattleya A beautiful 10 psuedobulb division with two new leads forming now. Blooms periodically through the year, but primarily early winter. The Orange Beaufort. Actual plant shown is the one offered. $75.00

Sl Christopher 'Ruby Red Dress' Knock out Red Cattleya (5 pseudobulbs) offered of this original division obtained from Lenette Greenhouses. Sorry no photo available $150.00




Slc Circle of Life 'New Ace' AM/AOS Blooms beautifully. A recent acquisition at the AOS fundraiser held in Asheville, N.C. Offering 6 pseudobulb plant with new growth emerging basally. Early winter bloomer. The color on this one glows. Blooms are flat and well held. $150.00


Slc. Circle of Life 'Spring Joy' 8 pseudobulb division offered of a plant Sue Fordyce brought to the Greensboro, NC orchid society meeting several years ago. . Plant grows strongly and is a bloom size established division. Blooms are vibrant rose pink with a cerise lip. Flower segments are flat and overlapping. $100.00



Slc Hazel Boyd 'Sunset' AM/AOS 5 pseudobulb established, bloom size plants offered. Super nice. Flowers glow. $60.00


Slc Jewel Box 'Scheherazade' AM/AOS 5 pseudobulb division $25.00




Slc Purple Jewel 'Mercerful' HCC/AOS (Slc Tangerine Jewel X Mini Purple) Original miniature. As far as I know this is the only division ever offered of this beautiful minicat.. Potted, bloom size, and established $125.00 This will be a wonderful parent for producing miniature plants with multiple blooms. Slc Purple Jewel 'Mercerful' can make up to 4 blooms per stem. Color is best desribed as royal purple.



Ttdm Jeanette Mallory' Fischer' CCM/AOS (Tetramicra canaliculata x Caularthron (Diacrium) bicornutum) Awarded May 20, 2006 in North Carolina. A large mounted piece of this rewarding and easy to grow primary hybrid orchid. Blooms in the spring during busy show time and makes a powerful presentation in any orchid display. The profusion of blooms are held on upright flower stems. This is an incredible blower. Very large bloom size mount offered. $80.00






Your orchid growers in North Carolina

We are open Friday and Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm , Sunday visits can be arranged by appointment.