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There is really nothing quite like a Cattleya. The Queen of the Orchids. Own a corsage Orchid.

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Page Updated 4/24/2024

Cattleya Alliance Species are at page bottom!

We offer Cattleyas/Laelia Species, Hybrids and Clones from our very own propagation lab as well as plants we obtain from far and wide. Select divisions are offered on a very limited basis, so check our Limited Division Page often for changing listings. Mini-Cats are a love for everyone and we have some on our site and more in the lab.

Cattleya species are featured after hybrids and mericlones.




Brassavola Grand Stars 4N (Brassavola nodosa 4N x Brassavla Little Stars 4N)

Brassavola and it's hybrids are some of the easiest orchids to grow and thus perfect for beginners and seasoned grower alike. Blooms are deliciously fragrant. Bloom size in 2 3/4 inch pot. Grow in smaller pot to keep roots nice and tight or convert to basket or mount culture. Provide through watering and then allow potting medium to almost dry before watering again. Either way, this is an orchid that will reward you with white trumpet like blooms once or twice a year. Leaves are considered terete in shape and thus the plant is telling you it would prefer some brighter light levels. Rewarding! Photo shows one of ours in bloom. Plants offered for this price are potted.

Bloom Size $25.00 (1 available)


Bc Air Mososa 'Mickey Mouse' (Cattleya Moscombe X Brassavola nodosa)

Easy to grow Brassavola hybrid offered. A standard splash petal Cattleya was crossed with the prolific Brassavola producing gorgeous results. Bloom coloration can vary according to bloom time and temperatures with the most color saturation occuring with cooler temperatures and grown in lower light levels. Evening fragrant. Grow in bright indirect light, allow to almost dry between waterings and keep roots tight in pots. A great candidate for mounting or basket culture. Photographs used with permission by friends Irma Saldana and Giselle Colon. (Limited)

Bloom Size mericlones offered $25.00


Bc Golden Glory ' Apollo' (Bc Richard Mueller x Cattleya tenebrosa)

One of the prettiest B nodosa progeny I have seen. Large blooms are golden yellow with highlights of persimmon orange. Lips are trumpet shaped and pleasingly colored in magenta with intense venation. Easy to grow and both parents are vigorous growers. Provide bright shaded light for best upright growths. Very limited in the greenhouse. No photo at this time.

Offerings are in 2.5 inch pots and very near bloom size. $25.00


Bc Yuan Nan Star War (C. Memoria Robert Strait x Bc. Wonder Star)

Multiple growth plants offered with growths up to 12 inches in height. Night fragrance is delicious. A semi alba hybrid with star shaped open blooms. Will become a fall blooming show stopper for all your display needs. Showing vigorous growth habit. Very limited.

Bloom size offering in 4 inch pots $35.00



Blc. Hilda Takamatsu (Cattleya Mari's Song x Brassanthe Maikai)

Interesting new hybrid. Seed parent is a loved older hybrid that produces fluffy tricolor (pink-plum-yellow) splash blooms. Seed parent, Maikai is a famous and easy to grow medium lavender nodosa shaped Cattleya type orchid with wild darker purple speckling. Both parents are fragrant. Photo features 1st bloom from seed produced population. So excited to see one bloom already. Should be night time fragrant.

2 1/2 inch pot is near bloom size $15.00 or 4 inch pots $25.00



Bc Rustic Spots (Bc Richard Muller x C Landate)

Easy to Grow! Offering 3 inch size bloom size plants of one of the more glorious Brassavola nodosa hybrids. Flowers open rich paprika color and become glowing orange with raspberry spotting throughout petals, sepals, and flower lip. Hybrid contains (25% Brassavola nodosa + 25% Cattleya guttata + 25% Cattleya milleri + Cattleya aclandiae) Becomes specimen size quickly due to the vigorous growing nature of this orchid hybrid. One of Linda's favorites!


3 inch pot is bloom size $25.00


Bc Taiwan Big Lip 'Ta-Hsin' (Bc Teradip X C bicalhoi)

Bloom Size clones of this small growing Cattleya alliance orchid. Enormous sized full round lips are dramatic with markings of dark magenta. Overall blooms medium pink that mature to softer pink. Easy to grow and bloom with medium light levels. Currently offered in 4 inch pot size. Easily adapts to mounted culture if you like growing mounted orchids. Nicely Fragrant Orchid. Cattleya bicalhoi is a synonym for Laelia dayana.


3.5 inch pot $35.00 (Bloom Size)


Blc Toshie Aoki 'Pizzaz' AM/AOS

Offered in 3.5 inch grower pots. This hybrid of (Blc. Faye Miyamoto x Blc. Waianae Flare) produced the exception clone 'Pizzaz' Clones are offered of this beautiful standard sized Cattleya. Blooms are yellow with red flaring on petals and sepals. Lip red with yellow eyes. As blooms mature, the yellow becomes a golden orange. Very nicely fragrant. Photo shows the size and quality of plants offered. Rlc Toshie Aoki 'Pizzaz' Largest plants always chosen first to meet you order.

Photo shows plants offered $40.00



Blc Williette Wong 'The Best' AM/AOS

NBS potted in 3.5 plastic pots with open bark mix. Mericlone of an awarded plant. Awarded in 1999 by The American Orchid Society, this flower is an outstanding example of what a yellow with red Cattleya type orchid should appear. This plant is descendant of the famous Toshie Aoki. If you are a hybridizer, splash petal influence is in the background. Blooms are bright yellow with crimson red lip. Large blooms of heavy substance are produced in the Summer bloomers. 1 to 2 year from bloom size. (2 in greenhouse)

3.5 inch pot (NBS) $50.00



(Cattleya Eximia x Cattleya Granier's Felicity) unregistered to date.

Be the first to bloom one of our NEW unregistered coerulea Cattleya hybrids. Just released Thanksgiving Day 2023. Only 40 at this time in 4 inch pot. Photo of both parents featured above. Hoping for more closed petals habit, intense coerulea sepals and petals and the dark velvety coerulea lip of Cat Eximia. Photo of C Eximia graciously provided by friend Irma Saldana.

4 inch pot $40.00


Cattleya Mareeba Tiger ( Cattleya tigrina (leopoldii) x Cattleya schilleriana)

Primary hybrids consist and of two species crossed together. Seedlings so your chance to obtain something amazing. Limited quantity. These flowers will have amazing fragrance, range in shades from dark wine to chocolate brown, with or without complementary spots. Lips sure to be bright fuchsia in coloration. Expertly grown. Variability in blooms expected. Some have made 4 flowers at first bloom seedlings.

4 inch pot $50


Cattleya Summer Spots X Brassavola nodosa

Seed produced offering! Pod parent blooms fragrant lavender flowers with heavy spotting in maroon. Brassavola nodosa, night time fragrant 'The Lady of the Night Orchid' is star shaped ribbony greenish petals with a broad open white lip. Should make a terrific fragrant hybrid that is variable in coloration. Sure to be some award winners due to diversify in this cross. Featured is first bloom seedling in 2 inch pot. Green sepals and petals in this first bloom seedling feature tiny purple spotting.

2 inch size is bloom size $20.00


Cattleya Monte Elegante 'Hsin Pu' (Penny Kuroda x Interglossa)

Spectacular bifoliate clone. One that others will envy that you grow. Mature plants will produce a spiraling head of magenta and white/soft pink playful blooms, lip and petals will be splashed in heavy magenta, sepals will exhibit striking random raised magenta spots. Grow in bright shade. Linda's growing tip (resist repotting bifoliate Cattleyas unless they are in active root growth) This will become an amazing show plant at maturity. 1 to 2 years from flowering size. Fragrant Orchid.

2 inch pot $30.00


Cattleya Yuan Dung Sweet 'Dragon Fruit' (Monte Elegante x Yen Redface)

Grow this spectacular bifoliate Cattleya warm in bright light with slight shade for best growth. Allow to slightly dry between waterings. Linda's growing tip (resist repotting bifoliate Cattleyas unless they are in active root growth) This clone 'Dragon Fruit' produces deliciously fragrant blooms. Sepals are described as light gold heavily spotted in dark raspberry red. Petals heavily suffused in bright magenta veins and spots, lip is ruffled and magenta. Mature plants make cluster heads of blooms of heavy substance with long lasting qualities. Fragrant Orchid. Offered in 2 inch and 4 inch pot size.

2 inch pot $25 - 4 inch pot $35.00




Ctna (Cattleytonia) Why Not (Cattleya aurantiaca x Broughtonia sanguinea)

Clusters of vibrant red blooms are held above compact foliage on this primary hybrid. Primary hybrid is two orchids species crossed together to form a hybrid. Plant remains compact. Red blooms are sweet with canary yellow centers. Provide medium to bright shade, allow to almost dry between watering, and keep root bound in smallish pots. Plants are easily adaptable to mounted culture. Typically blooms several times a year with a blooming period during the hot summer months. Bloom size offerings in 2 inch pot. Bloom count increases with plant age and size. An orchid that is easily managed on windowsill, sunporch or greenhouse. Heat tolerant. I'm seeing some flower stems forming now in February in North Carolina.

2 inch pot size is bloom size $25.00 (Sold Out)


Ctna (Cattleytonia) Why Not (Cattleya aurantiaca x Broughtonia sanguinea) Yellow Form

Limited quantities of these yellow form of Cattleytonia Why Not. Blooms shaped like above but in a buttercup flower yellow. Sepals tend to show a little orange when grown in warmer temperatures. Growth habit remains manageable. Clusters of blooms held on upright stems above the compact foliage. Keep roots tight in pots for best planted orchid culture. Grow best in medium to bright shade. Easily adapts to mount. Beautiful photo found on pinterest posted by WT Chiu. An orchid that is easily managed on windowsill, sunporch or greenhouse. Heat tolerant.

2 inch pot is bloom size LIMITED IN STOCK $25.00


Ctt Busy Bev 'Blue Jewel' (Syn Lc Busy Bev 'Blue Jewel')

(C Dinard X Ctt Purple Secret) A compact growing Cattleya alliance clone. Blooms are large, wide and beautiful coerulean blue with darker blue open lips. Lip interior soft butter yellow. Blooms are long lasting with good substance and nicely fragrant. Two blooms are often produced twice annually. These orchids are grown in 4 inch pots, previously bloomed for trueness of clone. Nicely fragrant orchid.

4 inch pot is bloom size $35.00



Potinara Pop City 'NN' AM/AOS (Rhyncattleanthe) (Ctt. Tutankamen x Rlc. Chia Lin)

Stunning red blooms with terrific fragrance are produced. Plants are excellent growers. Typically spring and fall bloomers. Bloom size plant offered. Provide heavy drench and allow to become slightly moist between waterings. Grows best in bright shade. Fragrant Orchid. Temperature tolerant. Best growing temperature 55F to 85F

5 inch pot size is Bloom Size $65.00


Rhynchobrassoleya (Rby) TLDC Divine Phoenix 'Pterodactyl' SM/WOC21 ( B cucullata x Blc Bryce Canyon)

Wow spectacular color, in a unique and beautiful hybrid Vigorous growers with dark foliage displaying purple pigmentation. 3 inch pot size is near bloom size. Glowing blooms with sure fragrance. Grows well in basket, as a mount or potted. Temperature tolerant.

Near bloom size, Limited $28.00



Rhyncattleanthe (Rth) Fender's Love Song 'Fall' (Apologies No Photo at this Time)

(Rhyncattleanthe Love Sound x Rhyncholaeliocattleya Chia Lin) ---Bloom size beautifully grown 4.25 inch pots. . Blooms are of heavy substance with long lasting qualities, color best described as red-orange on sepals and petals, lip is velvety cherry red, interior is golden yellow. Provide bright shade for strongest new growths, allow to almost dry between waterings. Fragrant Orchid. Smells Spicey. Very limited in stock.

Bloom Size $35.00


Rcv Jimminey Cricket 'Super Bug' AM/AOS (Rhynchovola)hybrid is (Brassavola nodosa x Rhyncholaelia digbyana)

This hybrid is a stunning example of the perfect combination of both orchid species parents. We have a wide ruffled lip from this orchid hybird, large flower shape, and pleasing color. Offered are bloom size clones of the awarded 'Super Bug' clone. 'Super Bug' has an award of merrit from the American Orchid Society. Choice and easy to grow. Allow to dry between waterings. Grow cool to warm. Bright shade. Fragrant orchid

2 inch pot size $28.00



Rhynchobrassoleya (Rby) Copper Queen 'H&R'

This Brassavola hybrid produces large lovely golden yellow blooms with exotic large frilly lips. Lips are spotted and marked in red orange. Hardy and easy to grow with influence of Brassavola the leaves are semi-terete. Provide bright shade and allow to almost dry between waterings. (Rlc Toshie Aoki x Bc Richard Mueller) This is a much sought after orchid to add to your collection. Fragrant Flower photo taken from Donna J on pinterest. Plant photo shows quality of our orchids for sale.

Near Bloom Size Limited $30.00



Rlc Lake Murray 'Mendenhall' AM/AOS (C Catawba x C Oconee)
RhyncholaeliocattleyaLake Murray' Mendenhall' AM/AOS. NBS mericlones in 3.5 inch pots. Large fragrant velvety blooms are produced above foliage, blooms best described as deep red-purple, lip ruffled with gold veining in the throat. Awarded in 1991 at the South Carolina Orchid Society Show.

3.5 inch pot $30.00 (NBS) SOLD OUT


Rlc (Rhyncolaeliacattleya) Curtis Oda 'Volcano Queen' (Rlc Volcano Delight x Rlc Yuko Ito)

Large 5 1/2 inch blooms are orange-yellow. The open full lip and petals are edged in coral apricot color. Robust growers with bright shade and thorough watering and allowing the medium to become slightly moist prior to watering again. Nicely fragrant orchid.
Bloom Size 5 inch pot $40.00 (SOLD OUT)


Rlc (Rhyncolaeliacattleya) Mahina Yahiro 'Julie' AM/AOS (Rlc Meditation x Donna Kimura)

Large pastel pink blooms with large frilly lips are produced in a cluster of blooms. Can bloom two time per year in the Spring and Fall. Fragrance is delicious. Blooms are heavy substance and relatively long lasting. Grow in bright indirect light for best strong growths. Allow plants to dry between waterings. Lovely Cattleya Type Orchid.

NBS to Bloom Size 4 inch pot $25.00


Rlc Mitsuo Akatsuka 'Volcano Queen' (Rlc. Ikuko Akatsuka x Rlc. Fred Stewart)

If you like fragrant Cattleya, this is a perfect choice. Large frilly magenta blooms with darker purple lips are produced on sturdy plants. Lip interior shows the golden yellow veining that is so appealing. Grow in bright shade. If growing in the home a southeast or southwest exposure window should give you the light you need for strong bloomings. Allow to become slightly moist between thorough waterings.

Bloom Size in 4 inch pot $35.00



Rlc (Rhyncolaeliacattleya) Sharon King 'Volcano Queen'

Bloom size clones of this near persimmon colored Cattleya type orchid are finally offered. Upright stems hold 3-4 large blooms nicely over the foliage. Blooms have heavy substance with very nice shape. Robust growers if provided bright shade and thorough watering and allowing the medium to become slightly moist prior to watering again. Cattleyas grow faster in temperatures above 50F. Nicely fragrant orchid. Limited quantities.

Bloom Size 5 inch pot $35.00, Temporarily sold out



Rlc. Pattra Delight (Rhyncholaeliocattleya Arom Gold � Rhyncholaeliocattleya Chunyeah)

This yellow Cattleya type orchid packs a big punch for color and wow factor. Both parents heavily influenced for bright yellow to gold flowers with red lip. Lip interior should be heavily marked with yellow accents and veining. Superior substance blooms are produced with yummy fragrance. Standard size Cattleya blooms. Bloom size plants are offered. Grow in bright shade. Water heavily and allow to become just slightly moist before watering again. Sturdy growers.

Bloom Size in 4.5 inch pot $35.00



Rlc Star of Siam (Rlc Pattaya Magic x C Tainan City)

These are clones in 2 inch pot. Very sought after Cattleya type orchid. Blooms are tangerine orange, full lips are ruffled at edges, lip interior is golden yellow, edged in cerise. Flower contrast is spectacular. Grow Cattleya type orchids in Bright filtered light for best growth rate, allow to become slightly moist between waterings.

2 inch pot $20




Rlc Yingluck Smile 'New Day' (Rhyncholaeliocattleya Liu's Joyance � Rhyncholaeliocattleya Williette Wong Yen)

Another golden yellow Cattleya offering. Blooms are heavy substance, large, and nicely fragrant. Petals and sepals are flared in crimson red, lip is crimson red, yellow centrally. Grow in bright shade and allow to become moist between waterings. Largest plants selection for you first. Budded or sheath also sent first. Lip interior color variations can occur with heat.

4.5 inch to 5 inch pot size $32.00


Rlc Yuan Dung Python 'Happy Rui'

Bifoliate satisfaction. Offered mericlones of Yung Dune Python. The clone 'Happy Rui' produces bright green blooms heavily decorated in maroon spots. The lip is bright fuchsia. Very fragrant blooms are head on upright stems. Super easy to grow with bright light, partial shade and a wet/dry watering routine. Repotting for bifoliates should only be done when orchid is in active root growth. Bright light levels will have your leaves producing glowing fuchsia highlights and spotting. Very attractive. Plants should bloom in one to two years with partial shade growing conditions.
2 inch pot bifoliate --$25.00




CATTLEYA Alliance Species Orchids


Anacheilium radiata (Prosthechea-Encyclia radiata)
Smells likes baking snickerdoodle cookies. Super easy to grow in medium light levels. Waxy blooms are long lasting. Water with a drench and allow to become moist prior to watering again for plump psuedobulbs. While visiting Longwood Gardens in Kennet Square, PA I detected a smell that I had to investigate. The amazing smell was a Encyclia radiata in bloom. I still have the same excitement when this beautiful orchid smells so wonderful in Seagrove Orchids' greenhouses. Too bad it can't bloom all the time. Photograph is of our awarded Encyclia radiata ' Barbara Noe's Seagrove Birthday' Plant photo shows the size and quality of our current offerings.

Bloom Size 4 inch pots are offered $ 30.00


Anacheilium trulia (Encyclia-Prosthechea trulia)

The scooped Anacheilium (refers to lip shape) Found in Mexico in oak or pine forests and lower elevations. Doesn't seem to have a true bloom season as it blooms almost any time of the year. Blooms are spice scented. I provide a link to The American Orchid Society discussion on this species at: and also to Thought to be a synonym of Encyclia lancifolia, Wither and Harding identification 2004. Collector Orchid

Bloom Size 4 inch pots are offered $35.00 SOLD OUT



Brassavola cucullata

Found in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, French Guiana, Surinam, Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia and Peru of coastal rainforests as a warm to cool grower. Found growing on trees and rocks in nature. Provide medium to bright light and allow to dry between waterings. Beautiful pendant foliage drapes below growing center. Foliage thin and terete in lengths around 15 inches long, blooms range in colors from yellow orange to pure white, season and temperature do play a role in coloration. Flower shape is dramatic with long hanging petals and sepals, lip is long as well with a spear pointed apex. This orchid species is free flowering throughout the year. Potted in 3 inch mesh baskets. Night Time Fragrant. Brassavola cucullata for sale.

Bloom Size! 3 inch mesh baskets that allow for quick drainage. $35


Brassavola nodosa 4N x 4N

'The Lady of the Night Orchid' Easy growers. Provide medium to bright light and allow to mainly dry between waterings. Terete foliage makes this orchid interesting even when not producing night time fragrant citrus smelling blossoms. Widespread distribution in Central and South America. Free flowering but blooms are primarily produced in spring, summer, and fall. Easily grown in pot or on a mount. Considered a warm to hot grower. Sepals and petals are produced in varying shades of soft green and the big bright white lip is heart shaped. Flowers are long lasting. Our Brassavola nodosa offerings are grown in 3 inch mesh baskets. Near bloom size. Quickly adapt to mounted culture. Perfect for beginners. Bloom Size.
3 inch mesh baskets that allow for quick drainage. $25 Temporary SOLD OUT




Cattleya aclandiae

Native to a rather dry low elevation area in Bahia Brazil. Bright light will decorate the levels in beautiful pink/magenta spotting. Provide a wet to dry watering habit. These are potted in 4 inch pots. Can easily be converted to mount culture. Blooms are waxy (long lasting) and very nicely fragrant.

Bloom Size $30.00




Cattleya schofieldiana

Not often seen offered Cattleya schoefieldiana. Native to Brazil, these plants are produced from seed. Currently growing vigorously in 2 inch pots. As with all bifoliate Cattleya do not repot unless showing active root growth. Provide bright shade and allow to become slightly moist between waterings. Speckled blooms can reach sizes of 12 cm across. Background color of flowers range from chocolate brown to medium green. Lip is magenta. This becomes a large majestic plant with bloom count increasing with plant age. Desired by many.

2 inch pot $30



Cattleya walkeriana semi alba x semi alba

Desirable color form of the fragrant Cattleya walkeriana. Common name is Walker's Cattleya. Names for an English orchid collector in Brazil 1800's. Grow warm and moist. Unlike the common variety that is medium purple, this variety holds white blooms with purple to red lips. Because these are seed produced, variations will occur. Native to Minas Gerais, Esperito Santo and San paulo states on Brazil. Grows as both epiphyte and lithophyte in nature. Fragrant. These are growing nicely. Expertly grown.

Bloom Size: 4 inch pot size $40.00


Sophronitis cernua (Exotic x Floralia Select)

Bloom sized seed produced Sophronitis cernua (Cattleya cernua). Miniature growth habit that loves to creep along in a pot or mount. Provide even moisture throughout the seasons. Bright filtered light is appreciated by this species. Native to Brazil and northeastern Argentina. Typical bloom season is Spring/Summer/Fall but this orchid can bloom, anytime it feels conditions are right. Potted in open mesh plastic baskets. Water thoroughly and allow to become slightly moist prior to next watering. Photo shows our near specimen plant at Seagrove Orchids. Close up image retrieved for Wikipedia.

Bloom Size $35.00


Cattleya type orchids are easy to grow as long as a few general requirements are met. Keep temperatures above 55 degrees for year round growing. Cattleyas can be grown at less temperatures but will not grow as fast during the winter with lower temperatures. Most often Cattleya blooms are wonderfully fragrant! Light levels required for good growth are strong and indirect. Some direct morning sun can benefit that the new growths grow strong and upright. To water effectively, totally saturate you growing medium and allow to become slightly moist. Once slightly moist, water thoroughly again. Fertilizer can be a top dressing applied semi annually or a water soluble weak solution applied monthly or so. I feel that adequate light is far more important that fertilizer. Whatever fertilizer method you choose, make sure it is diluted, balanced, and applied on a regular basis. Fertilize monthly during the winter months and twice a month during the summer should work for any Cattleya collection. I feature the Cattleya culture sheet from the American Orchids Society and it makes a wonderful guideline for growing Cattleyas. Most of all enjoy growing your Cattleyas and be rewarded with those beautiful fragrant blooms.

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