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Updated 10/14//2022

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Our inventory of easy to grow Intergeneric Oncidiums changes very quickly. We try hard to keep our webpages up to date. Send an email or phone us with your orchid orders.


Alicearra Hilo Ablaze 'Hilo Gold' AM/AOS (Gombrassiltonia =Bratonia OlmecXGomesa Mantinii)

Beautiful apricot gold colored blooms are held on medium height flower stems. Petals and sepals are heavily barred in caramel shades of brown. This is an Oncidium type orchid with ease of growth in partial shade. Meristems of this awarded orchid are offered in 2 inch pots. Allow to dry slightly between waterings. An orchid that is easily managed on windowsill, sunporch or greenhouse.

Near Bloom Size $16.00


Alicearra Stellar 'Hoku'

Wispy bold colored (purple with light lavender lip) large star-shaped blooms are produced on sturdy stems. Growers can expect 6-8 blooms per stems. Grow in medium light levels and provide even moisture throughout the year. Temperature tolerant with night time temps recommended around 55-60 degrees. An orchid that is easily managed on windowsill, sunporch or greenhouse. 4 inch pot producing bloom stems now.

$35.00-Sold Out


Bllra (Beallara) Tropic Lily 'Hilo Spaceship' (Onc. Nichirei LilacXAlcra. Tropic Splendor)

Blooms in a spray of large white blooms pleasantly decorated in blotches and speckles of reddish coloration. Beautifully grown plants with upright foliage and plump pseudobulbs. Easy to grow and flower with medium light levels and even moisture. Larger plants can bloom twice a year. Another easy beginner orchid perfect for any orchid collection. An orchid that is easily managed on windowsill, sunporch or greenhouse. Spring bloomers. Spiking plants chosen first for our customers.

Beautiful Plants and Blooms $30.00





Bnfd Gilded Tower 'Mystic Maze'

Banfieldara (Ada x Brassia x Odontoglossum) 10-20 Spider Orchids are held on upright stems. Spider shaped blooms are green and brown. The big, broad yellow lip presents a crazing combination of red stripes and spots. Exotic looking orchid. Easy to grow in warm temperatures, medium light with even moisture. An orchid that is easily managed on windowsill, sunporch or greenhouse. Spring to Summer bloomers. Spiking orchid plants chosen first for our customers.

$35.00 Love it!


Galeopetalum Starburst 'Parkside' AM/AOS (Galeottia fimbriata x Zygopetalum Jumpin Jack)

Compact grower that produces Spring early Summer stems of deliciously fragrant exotic blooms. Flowers last 2-3 months. Grow in medium light and keep the spaghnum moss slightly moist for best growing and future bloomings. Multiple growth healthy plants. AOS awarded clones. Flower size about 3 inches across. Plant height approximately 18 inches including the pot.




(Gomesa Moon Shadow x Oncidium varicosum) Bapticidium 'Little Panda'

A miniature Oncidium alliance hybrid. Petite growers hold upright stems of canary yellow blooms highlighted by a maroon red eye spot. Clones 'Little Panda' Approximately one year till bloom size. Water and allow to remain slightly moist before watering again. Medium light levels preferred. Easy to grow and flower. Orchid Easily managed on windowsill, sunporch or greenhouse. Limited.. Some are spiking now in 2 inch pots. An orchid that is easily managed on windowsill, sunporch or greenhouse.







Miltoniopsis are back and in profusion of colors. Easy to grow with frequent waterings and temps below 85 degrees. Beautifully grown examples of the genus. Miltoniopsis are fondly called the pansy orchid due to their large flat blooms that have various markings reminding most orchid collectors of a Super Pansy bloom. Whether the Pansy orchid is marked in waterfalls or crest shield type markings, they are beautiful. Very pleasantly daytime fragrant. Grow intermediate to warm. Grow shade to intermediate light conditions. Provide even moisture being mindful to not let dry between waterings. Miltoniopsis have psuedobulbs and produce blue/green foliage.

Red Blooming Pansy orchids.

Several crosses and a few clones available. Let us choose the nicest of plants available for your orchid collection. Budded and spiking plants will always be chosen when available. Photos to represent selections.



Miltoniopsis roezlii var xanthina

Sword shaped foliage is produced on this seldom seen bright yellow orchid species. Blooms are bright lemon yellow with a light yellow lip. The lip is marked heavily with a central orange shield. More temperature tolerant than some of the Pansy Orchid hybrids. (Only one large plant)



Odontocidium Catatante (Onc. Sphacetante x Ons. Wildcat)

Pyramidal shaped tower of golden/orange blossoms is what you have to look forward to with a well grown plant of Odontocidium Catatante. Quarter sized blooms are produced in profusion along tall stems with side branches. Stems heights can reach 30-36 inches tall. Impressive. Primarily spring blooming for us at Seagrove orchids but can bloom again in the fall. Grown in spaghnum moss for ease of providing a once a week watering. Plump pseudobulbs and upright folaige makes this orchid plant attractive when not in flower. Spiking or budded plants will be offered first. An orchid that is easily managed on windowsill, sunporch or greenhouse.



Oip Goldfire (Oncidopsis) =Oncidium x Miltoniopsis

4 inch pots of this prolific bloomers and grower. 2 inch flowers are held on upright stems in tones of canary yellow, banana yellow, orange and burgundy. Gorgeous autumn colors in spike now! Easy to grow with slight moisture between waterings and medium light levels. Can bloom twice a year. 10/14/22



Oip Onolicious 'Vivid' (Oncidiopsis Francine x Miltoniopsis Pearl Ono)

1st first bloom size clones now producing flower stems. Only a limited amount of these are in our greenhouse. Choose now to purchase these orchids. FRAGRANT vibrant red blooms are produced with wild waterfall like markings on each lip. Warmth tolerant and easier to grow than Miltoniopsis. Keep slightly moist between waterings and provide medium light levels as for Phalaenopsis orchids.








Onc Lemon Heart 'SD1'

4 inch pot size producing bloom stems now. (3-30-22) Cheerful dancing lady blooms are produced in profusion on strong upright stems. Braching habit of the stems makes an outstanding presentation of chrome yellow blooms. Easy to grow with medium light and even moisture. Spring/Summer bloomers. Double stem plants will be chosen for customers first. An orchid that is easily managed on windowsill, sunporch or greenhouse.

Mature Bloom Size in 4 inch pot $25.00


Oncidium (Oncidesa) Sweet Sugar (Oncsa. Aloha Iwanaga x Gom. varicosa )

Blooming beauties. One of the easiest orchids to grow. Canary yellow blooms are decorated in paprika colored markings near the anther cap. Makes a stunning display when in flower. Primarily spring bloomers but can produce a second flurry of blooms in the fall. Water thoroughly and allow to become slightly moist prior to next watering. Easy to flower in medium light levels. As always budded or blooming plants chosen first. Trying to keep up with orchid nomenclature changes. An orchid that is easily managed on windowsill, sunporch or greenhouse.

Mature/Bloom Size in 4 inch pots. $25.00


Oncostele (Wilsonara) Hilo Firecracker Ons.

Sending up flower stems now for late summer blooms. 4 inch pot is flowering size. Blooms best described as glowing mahogany red. Lip cherry red with a white skirt. Easy to grow intergeneric Oncidium alliance orchid with medium light levels, slight drying between watering, and temperatures above 50 degrees. 4 inch pots offered are bloom size. Orchid flower blooms approximately 2-3 inches across in size. An orchid that is easily managed on windowsill, sunporch or greenhouse.

Mature Bloom Size with flower stems now. $30.00


Oncostele (Colmanara) Wildcat 'Yellow King' and 'Golden Red Star'.
This is an intergeneric hybrid consisting of Miltonia, Odontoglossum, and Oncidium. Vigorous plants that put other orchids to the test with blooming. Tall stems produce branching with an abundance of yellow, red, and burgundy blooms. Can bloom twice a year. Temperature tolerant from warm to cool. Easy to grow with medium light levels and slightly moist orchid culture. Keep in tight pot culture for best stems. Flower stems are in production now. Double stems will be shipped to customers first. An orchid that is easily managed on windowsill, sunporch or greenhouse.
Mature 4 inch pots $30.00


Wilsonarra (Oncostele) Firecat 'King Snake'

Exceptional blood orange blooms are highlighted by a white lip overlaid in tangerine becoming more intense closer to pollen column. These heavy substance flowers glow. Expect many blooms per stems with excellent double stem potential. Can bloom for up to three months with branches. An orchid that is easily managed on windowsill, sunporch or greenhouse. Award quality blooms. Spiking 10/14/22

Bloom Size-mature in 3.25 inch pot $25.00



Zygopetalum Family - Tsubotaara Melinda Marie 'Blue Moon' (Agx. Eva's Blue Amazon x Zns. Cynosure 'Bluebirds')

3 inch pot size, bloom size mini sized type Zygopetalum. Allow to dry between waterings. Orchid blooms are a soft lavender highlighted in darker lavender/blue. Blooms exactly as featured in photo.

Mature Bloom Size clone Limited $30.00 Sold Out!





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