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This page features our Miscellaneous Species and Hybrids which include the following genera, Angraecum, Aerangis, Cadetia, Ceratostylis, Cleisocentron, Coryanthes, Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Dendrochilum, Bulbophylum, Epidendrum, Haraella, Maxillaria, Oeceoclades, Oerstedella, Phaiocalanthe, Stelis, and many more orchids! Orchid varieties change constantly. Orchids from Around the World.

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Aerangis biloba Fragrant!

Aerangis biloba is an epiphytic species that grows great on mounts or in pots with good draining medium. We use spaghnum moss mostly but bark mix works just fine. One of the lower light requiring orchids we grow. Bright shade is preferred. Many blooms are produced primarily in fall on multiple flowered pendant stems. Night time wonderfully fragrant blooms are large, white and tinted with pink. Species native to Africa. Bloom Size offerings are currently potted in 2 inch open mesh baskets. Limited. $26.00



Aerangis fastuosa (The Magnificent Aerangis)

Rewarding dwarf orchid species native to Madagascar. (The Magnificent Aerangis) Large fragrant white blooms remind me of gardenia blooms. The nectary is large and prominent emerging from flower rear. Fragrance is delicious. Bloom season late winter to spring (September- November) . Provide warm to hot temperatures. Olive-gray colored leaves are described as succulent or leathery. When introduced to brighter light levels, leaves can have a beautiful orange cast at leaf edges. Another orchid perfect for us southern growers. Provide mostly shade. Like other Angraecoids, beautiful. EASY! Bloom size $ 26.00 SOLD OUT



Angraecum leonis Fragrant!

Fleshy sickle-shaped leaves are displayed alternately to form a distinctive fan-shaped orchid plant. Interesting even when not in bloom. Spurred night time fragrant blooms are white. Madagascar native. Take care to not wrinkle the beautiful leaves by providing ample moisture during the summer months. Provide partial shade. Provide intermediate to warm temps.. Spring bloomers. This orchid deserves a place in every orchid collection. NBS --$25.00


Aspidogyne argentea

A terrestrial orchid native to Venezuela, SE Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. Commonly known as a Jewel Orchid because of striking foliage with beautiful sparkling veins. The foliage is so beautiful that typically grown for foliage only. This species does produce upright stems of white blooms held in a whirl fashion . Slow growing orchid. Provide warm temps range around 62-90F. Provide even moisture year round. Seagrove orchids grows these in bright indirect light on the north wall of our greenhouse. I will choose the nicest and largest of the plants for you. $30



Bifrenaria inodora

Spring bloomers native to Brazil. Blooms vary from golden yellow to chartreuse green. Grow intermediate to hot. Pseudobulbs are 4 angled and carry a single leaf. Easy to grow even for beginners. Grow partial shade. Keep evenly damp. Repotted to larger size and ready to go! Bloom Size in 4 inch pot. $25.00




Bulbophyllum ambrosia

Wonderful looking plants that produce tons of gorgeous blooms. Blooms are wonderfully sweet smelling unlike most of the Bulbophyllum group. Native to China Hong Kong and Vietnam in evergreen and semi deciduous forest on limestone cliffs and mossy rocks. Found at elevation from 300 to 1300 meters as a small sized hot to cool growing orchid. Easy to grow. Blooms are best described as pale banana yellow with soft pink with raspberry red stripes and suffusions. Psuedobulbs can vary in color from dark orange to dark maroon. Really beautiful! Bloom Size Potted $30.00 Nice size plants with many growths.



Bulbophyllum careyanum (Carey's Bulbophyllum)

Medium sized plants produce pendant to lateral flower stems that hang cylindrical shaped heads of many flowers. Individual blooms are yellow and bronze and the overall head of blooms produces the effect of orange-gold. Easy to grow orchid. Bulbophyllum careyanum is a species from the Himalayas to Vietnam. In the wild this species is a lithophyte that inhabits mossy rocks and cliff faces in evergreen forest at elevations of 200-2,000 metres. The inflorescence measures 20cm and bears many flowers that each measure 1cm long. We grow these in trays of water, but allow a dry period between waterings. Grow bright for winter bloomings. Can flower several times throughout the year. Makes a show stopping specimen quickly. Sources note that this orchid has a foul smell. We do not detect any foul odor, but a fragrance likened to Elmer's Glue . Bloom Size $30.00


Bulbophyllum electrinum var calvum (The swallow shaped Bulbophyllum) aka Bulbophyllum hirundinis

Found in Vietnam and Taiwan. Miniature orchids for the choosey grower. Bright orange spiky umbrel held blooms are tipped in canary yellow! Upright held blooms are larger than the plant. Exotic with a carefree ease of growth. Natural grows in areas with frequent rainfall. Grow warm and provide year round moisture. Offered in 2 inch pot at this time. If interested in mount, please let me know and I will mount for you. Plant size around 2 1/2 inch in height with creeping rhizome. Plant growth habit remains tight so easy managed. Bloom season summer. Herbarium candidate, windowsill and greenhouse growers. Bloom Size $30.00 http://www.orchidspecies.com/bulbhirundinis.htm



Bulbophyllum falcatum (green type)

Warm growing orchid of interest. One of the Bulbophyllums that present Spear type bloom (rachis). The rachis on this variety is green. Flowers are borne down both sides of the flattened rachis in perfect arrangement. Provide even moisture year round. Easy with medium light and even moisture. Beautiful miniature from Africa. This is a candidate for orchidarium or terrarium culture. Second photos shows rachis formation. Large Generous size-Bloom Size $30.00


Bulbophyllum falcatum (red type)

Warm growing orchid of interest. One of the Bulbophyllums that present Spear type bloom (rachis). The rachis on this variety is red. Flowers are borne down both sides of the flattened rachis in perfect arrangement. Provide even moisture year round. Easy with medium light and even moisture. Beautiful miniature from Africa. This is a candidate for orchidarium or terrarium culture. Bloom size divisions of 'Brower Mill' $25.00


Bulbophyllum graveolens (Cirrhopetalum) (The Robust Cirrhopetalum)

Stunning blooms yellow orange blooms held on sturdy upright stems. Plants do get large and heavy clay pots are recommended once plants become larger. Grow in warm/hot temperatures in medium shade for best growth and flowering. Provide year round moisture. Plants are easily adapted to mounted culture with frequent waterings. Native to the rainforests of New Guinea and Papua. Synonym Bulbophyllum pachybulbum. For more information you can visit : The internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia http://www.orchidspecies.com/cirrrobustum.htm $30.00




Bulbophyllum lilacinum 'Brower Mill'

Prolific Fall bloomer. Easy to grow potted or as a mount. Yellow to orange blooms spiral on lilac like inflorescences. Blooms typically last 30 days or more. Provide bright light and even moisture for best results. I have searched various resources and this plant was acquired with Bulb. lilacinum label. It has flower stems exactly like Bulb lilacinum, flower arrangement, and size. (Ken Karb collection) Since Bulb lilacinum occurs with an albescens color form, I am hoping that a botanist will chime in with the fact that Bulb lilacinum has an aurea color variant. Potted large plants $35.00 and smaller $28.00


Bulbophyllum maquilingense

Easy to grow mini-miniature orchid species found only in the Philippines. Grow warm to hot with amble warm year round. Grow in shade to bright. Pseudobulbs approximately 1/2 tall, leaves paddle shaped, rigid, and approximately 1 1/2 inch in height. Blooms are held on upright thread like stems in the spring. Blooms yellow with varying degrees of red spotting. Lip coloration dark purple. Appropriate for terrarium/vivarium culture. Delightful and fun orchid. Bloom Size $25.00


Bulbophyllum sikkimense (Cirrhopetalum sikkimense)

Native to India. This petite growing Bulbophyllum is sure to become one of your favorites. Herbarium candidate as well as perfect for windowsill growers with space concerns. This near miniature orchid grows well behaved and manageable in pot or basket. Easily converted to mounted culture with frequent waterings. Provide light shade, a warm growing condition,and a moderate supply of water. Easy to grow and very rewarding orchid species. No foul odor detected. Blooms are a golden yellow to soft pink held in a umbrel fashion. Dorsal sepal and petals are striped in dark crimson. The flower stems are even decorated in crimson. The link provided gives full growing information from the "Orchid Internet Species Photo and Culture Encyclopedia " http://www.orchidspecies.com/cirrsikhimense.htm Bloom size $25.00



Bulbophyllum Stella Mizuta (Bulbophyllum lobbii x macranthum) 'Brower Mill'
This is the perfect combination of both Bulbophyllum species. Easy to grow with year round moisture, medium light levels, and warm temps. Multiple growth plants that ramble and creep in pots. Hairy roots have interest in themselves. Flowers are presented nicely above foliage. A Bulbophyllum with No foul odor. Established divisions are offered with well over 5 growths each. Grows in a nice neat habit. Bloom Size divisions growing in 4 inch plastic pots. $30.00 Only 2 in greenhouse. Offered as mounts also.



Bulbophyllum tingabarium

An easy growing floriferous miniature. Pseudobulbs are ribbed and petite. Blooms vary from deep carrot orange to a pale golden yellow and are displayed in a fantastic umbrel. All produced from same seed pod. Native to Laos Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia. Grow warm to hot. Light variable from bright to medium light levels. Primary bloom season is Fall and Winter although this miniature orchid has been blooming twice a year in our warm greenhouses. Appropriate for terrarium/vivarium culture.This orchid species does not have a foul odor like some Bulbophyllum / Cirrhopetalum. Synonyms Cirrhopetalum miniatum -Bloom Size Bulb tingabarium offered. $30.00



Cymbidium aloifolium (The Aloe-Leafed Cymbidium)

Sturdy plants with upright foliage produce many sprays of pendant (waterfall) inflorescences with tons of flowers flowing down each. This orchid species in native to Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou and Yunnan provinces of China, Assam, Bangladesh, India, eastern Himalayas, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Andaman Islands , Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Java and Sumatra in evergreen and in semi-deciduous and deciduous dry lowland forests and savana-like woodlands at elevations of sea level to 1100 meters. Grow warm. Spring / Summer bloomers. These plants are large and bloom size. Blooms are straw colored heavily striped in Indian red becoming near black centrally. The anther cap and lip keels are bright lemon yellow. Very attractive attention grabbing orchid species. Pendant blooming warmth loving Cymbidium. Bloom Size $35.00 and up.


Cymbidium Hanalei (aloifolium x finlaysonianum)

Beefy plants with the same upright foliage of Cym. aloifolium but not as tall. This primary hybrid orchid presents blooms in pendent fashion cascading over the pot edge. Fragrant long lasting blooms. Pendant blooming warmth loving Cymbidium. 5 inch pot size is Bloom Size $35.00


Cycnodes Wine Delight 'JEM" FCC/AOS (Cyc lehmannii x Mormodes sinuata)

Deliciously fragrant!! Allow to dry between waterings. Keep in mind these orchid plants loose leaves from old canes. Do not remove old growths as they are storing energy, sugar, and water and help with the general well being of your orchid plant. Super easy to grow in basket or pots as long as allowed to dry between waterings. (one of the easiest Catasetum type to grow) Provide medium lights levels and temperatures above 55 for best growth and flowerings. Blooms are waxy, long lasting and smell so very good. Recommended as the first Catasetum type orchid you grow. Bloom size plants are offered. 3.5 inch pot and some are in bloom now. See photo for plant quality and size. Really nice Cycnodes Wine Delight 'JEM' offered. March 2023. $25.00




Dendrobium Blue Twinkle (Den Betty Goo x canaliculatum)

Upright twisty blooms spiral around upright flower stems. Photos show two different plants. Blooms do tend to bloom darker with higher color concentration during cooler months. Two times a year bloomer for us in NC. Long lasting blooms are fragrant. Plants remain manageable in size. Antelope Type Dendrobium. Bloom Size $30


Dendrobium faciferum

The broomstick type Dendrobium. Blooms are borne atop the swollen base growths on sturdy growths. Clusters and whirls of blooms adorn the top of the flower stems. Easy to grow and flower with dry between waterings and plenty of water during the hotter summer months. Native to low elevations in Indonesia so they are heat loving plants. Do not remove old growths/canes as these are the ones that will provide you with beautiful blooms. These are potted in 4 inch plastic baskets. I water these with the Vandaceous orchids hanging a little lower in light levels. Blooms are tangerine to canteloupe orange in color. Bloom size mature plants are offered. Delightful! Bloom Size plants offered with many canes $50



Dendrobium laevifolium

Section Oxyglossum. Easy to grow with year round moisture. Slightly reduce water and withhold fertilizer in winter until new spring growth is initiated. Native to Southwest Pacific region (New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Santa Cruz Islands, Vanuata. Beautiful mini miniature with blooms larger than it's pseudobulbs. Vibrant glowing shades of hot pink in color with iridescent sparkles. Lip bright tangerine orange. A very pleasing contrast. Leaves are dark purple on undersides. Summer bloomers. Bloom Size $30.00


Dendrobium Enobi Purple 'Splash' (Enobi Komachi x Laguna Princess)

Photo shows bloom and typical size orchid plant you will receive. Grows with a clumping psuedobulb habit that nicely fills pot with a manageable plant size. Long lasting blooms are like a firework display. Blooming display improves with plant age. Each of these plants has been bloomed to ensure you will receive an orchid plant that blooms true to photograph. Grow in bright shade, allow to become slightly moist prior to watering, fertilize while actively growing in warm months. Very temperature tolerant. Limited grown in 4 inch plastic pots. Bloom Size and plants in bud or bloom always shipped out first. $30.00



Dendrobium Miva Abracadabra (atroviolaceum x polysema)

Extremely floriferous Dendrobium hybrid . Considered a primary hybrid since two species are crossed together. Easy to grow in the home on windowsill, under lights or in greenhouse/sun-porch. Filtered light is recommended. Mix is open and allows for frequent watering. Allow to only slightly dry between waterings. Best blooming occurs when Dendrobiums are pot bound. With that said, please allow 2 or more growths to form prior to repotting. Long lasting blooms are mildly fragrant. Blooms are highly decorated on reverse with hairs and purple spots. Interestingly, the colors show through the long lasting blooms like stained glass. Dark purple stripes decorate the white to cream colored lips. Temps recommended from 50F to 90F. This orchid is in the Latouria section of Dendrobium where they are primarily native to New Guinea. A good beginner Dendrobium orchid. Fun!! Blooms will be similar to featured photograph of QF Quintal. As of Feb 16-2022 plants offered are in bloom and or bud. Potted in 3.5 inch pots $30.00



Dendrobium clavitor 'Seagrove Friendships' Section Crumenata

This Dendrobium orchid is native to lowland peninsular Malaysia. Grow hot to warm. Wispy grasslike leaves. Broom stick growth habit with swollen bases of growths. Blooms are soft canary yellow. Bloom season is fall to spring. Prolific easy to grower . Basket, pot, or mounted culture. These are established keikes from the original CCM AOS awarded plant. Selections available on mounted orchid page also. Photo graciously provided by customer Carlos Pasiche. Bloom Size in 4 inch pot $25.00




Dendrobium spectabile

The curly goblin orchid. Bizarre curled funky flowers arise above the foliage on this New Guinea species orchid. Blooms have been referred to as bewitching. Some call it the 'Alien Orchid' but the taxonomic common Name is 'The Grand Dendrobium.' Grow Warm and Bright. Plants grow large. Provide somewhat drier winter, but not a dry rest period, just decrease watering frequency. Repot only when in active root growth. Seed produced. Large 4 inch plants are offered. Ready for 6 inch pots. Pleasingly Fragrant. Choice Collector Orchid. Bloom Size $50.00 and up.


Dendrobium spectabile aureum

Proven to be just a vigorous growing as the normal color form. 4 inch pot size is bloom size. Decrease winter waterings, but do not provide a dry winter rest. Seed produced beautiful plants. Blooms are some of the most unusual orchid blooms in the world. Found in New Guinea and the Solomon islands. Pleasingly Fragrant and a must have for any orchid collector. Goblin Orchid $65.00



Dendrobium tangerinum

Tangerine orange colored orchid blooms are held on upright stems for this rarely offered antelope type Dendrobium. http://www.orchidspecies.com/dentangerinum.htm Provide plenty of water while actively growing. A slight lessening of water and fertilizer through the winter months is beneficial. Resume water and fertilizer with the onset of new growth in the spring. Provide bright filtered light year round. Grows hot to cool in lowland New Guinea. Keep roots tight in pots for best culture. Easy! Synonyms Ceratobium strepsiceros (J.J.Sm.) M.A.Clem. & D.L.Jones 2002; Dendrobium strepsiceros J.J. Sm. 1912; Durabaculum tangerinum (P.J.Cribb) M.A.Clem. & D.L.Jones 2002 Bloom Size 4 inch pots.


Dendrobium White Grace (Den Fifieth State x Den speciosum)

Long lasting fragrant blooms are produced on upright stems. Gorgeous plants offered are grow in 4 inch pots with open mix. . Keep pot size snug for best roots. Temperature tolerant. Water heavily during the spring and summer months. Reduce watering during the cooler winter. Do not allow to sit in water. Bloom size plants offered. Photo provided shows quality of orchid plants we are offering. Plants spike initiated are always chosen first. Bloom Size $50



Haraella retrocalla

Seed produced. A miniature sized, Taiwanese orchid species that is easy to grow and bloom. Can be free flowering throughout the year but primary bloom season is spring and fall. Yellow and red blooms are fragrant of lemons. The lip on blooms is quite interesting with frills (fimbiated edge) and a furry like appearance (pubescent). Grow potted or mounted with slight moisture. Follow this link to http://www.orchidspecies.com/haerodorata.htm for more information on this delightful orchid species. Another excellent candidate for herbarium culture. Bloom Size Miniature $25.00



Maxillaria tenuifolia 'Yamada' AM/AOS

The golden yellow coconut orchid. Want an easy to grow orchid that reminds you of a day at the beach. This orchid smells like coconut oil. Spiky growth habit is held upright atop oval shaped pseudobulbs. Prefers drier winters and good moisture during warmer seasons. This spring blooming orchid species produces yellow blooms whereas the typical color form is copper/red. Native to Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. Max. tenuifolia is easy to grow and quite forgiving of wide range of growing conditions. Grow relatively bright as for Cattleya or future bloomings may not occur. Easily grown in pot or mounted. Prefers temperatures above 50 F. Variety Flavescens. This is a excellent beginner orchid. A must have for any orchid collector seeking an easy to grow fragrant orchid. Mature/Bloom Size plant potted in 3.5 inch round nursery pot. $25.00


Mediocalcar decoratum

The Charming Mediocalcar native to New Guinea. Creeping miniature that produces beautiful bell shaped blooms edged with yellow points that remind me of a clown collar. Some say this is the candy corn orchid. Prefers lower light levels. The sausage like growth and leaves will show reddish pigmentation with higher light levels. These are grown on the north wall of our Seagrove greenhouses. Easy to grow with moisture to root systems and rewarding. Perfect for terrarium and vivariums. Primary bloom season fall until spring. Offered in 2 inch mesh pots for ease of care. Bloom Size $22


Neofinetia falcata (Vanda falcata)

'The Japanese Wind Orchid' stays relatively small and can be easily grown in a variety of grower settings, even windowsill. Prefers year round moisture with a bloom season of primarily Spring. Fragrant blooms can occur several times during the Spring and early Fall. Also known as the 'Samurai Orchid' because of it's long nectary sometimes referred to as the samurai sword. Very easy to grow and bloom. Plants produce basal fans and can become magnificent specimens with hundreds of fragrant blossoms occurring. Grown in 2 inch mesh pots for quick drainage. Our plants are easily converted to pot culture or baskets. Bloom size in 2 inch pot $20.00


Neofinetia falcata (Vanda falcata)

Choice variety of the recently reclassified Neofintia falcata. These blooms are not faintly tinted with pin, these are bold with pink/purple and with the nectary softly hued pink. Photo shows size of plants offered and blooming size. 'The Japanese Wind Orchid' stays relatively small and can be easily grown in a variety of grower settings, even windowsill. Prefers year round moisture with a bloom season of primarily Spring. Fragrant blooms can occur several times during the Spring and early Fall. Also known as the 'Samurai Orchid' because of it's long nectary sometimes referred to as the samurai sword. Very easy to grow and bloom. Plants produce basal fans and can become magnificent specimens with hundreds of fragrant blossoms occurring. Grown in 2 inch mesh pots for quick drainage inside an additional pot. . Our plants are easily converted to pot culture or baskets. Bloom size in 2 inch pot $35.00



Oerstedella pseudoschumannianae syn Epidendrum pseudoschumannianum

Found in central Panama and Costa Rica. Grow warm and brgiht in an open mix for best results. Mounting is also an option for this orchid appreciates drying between waterings. Blooms Fall to Spring. The species is recognized by the very showy flowers, violet-blue dorsally, pale orange ventrally, with dense reddish brown spots, with the l�p and the apex of the column violet. Photo used courtesy AOS photographer James Harris. Seed produced. Truly a rare find. Bloom Size $45


Vanilla planifolia

The vining orchid. Yes this is the orchid that vanilla flavoring is produced. The seed pods are harvested and put through a time taking process for the vanilla flavoring we use in the USA in cooking. Easily grown as mount or on a trellis. Not bloom size. Seagrove Orchids is known for their culture and has many American Orchid Society awards for such. Plants offered are expertly grown. This vining orchid prefers wet to moist conditions. Offering are 12 to 14 inch tall seed grown plants in 4inch pots planted in high quality spaghnum moss. $25.00


Zygo Jumping Jack (Skippy Ku x Arur Elle)

Everyone loves the smell of hyacinth! Welcome this Zygopetalum to your orchid collection. Vibrant coloration of blooms featuring green petals highly overlayed in dark cognac and a royal purple lip. Lip edging is white. Semi compact plants are currently producing bloom stems. Easy to grow in medium light levels with even moisture. Temperature tolerant. The plants are gorgeous! Bloom size in 4 inch pot $30.00


Zygosepescalum QF Amanda 'B'(Zesty Kaila x Jumpin Jack) Ready for shipping IN SPIKE!

Beautiful dark plum skin blooms are produced on arching flower sprays. Plant semi compact compared to other Zygopetalum hybrids. Easy to grow and bloom in conditions similar to those for Phalaenopsis. Provide moderate light but no direct sun. 11/26/2022 spiking plants are ready for gift giving. Nicely fragrant with floral and woody scents. Beautiful foliage on exceptional well grown orchid plants. Bloom Size in 4 inch pot. $30.00




Non- orchids


It has come to my attention that some of you would like to grow your own beautiful Spanish moss for your grow area and use in your orchid displays. My moss is grown here in our greenhouses and blooms a lightly scented chartreuse bloom throughout the year. It is clean and free of pests. Very important, clean and free of pests. I offer long strands so you may hang your new moss immediately. It is not truly a moss, but a Bromeliad native to the southern United States, Central and South America, along with some parts of the Caribbean. Upon arrival, please give your new moss and thorough drench and begin watering as you would your mounted orchid collection. Saturate two -three times a week will keep your new moss happy and growing vigorously. $25


Lemon button (Nephrolepis cordifolia) The lemon button fern is a dwarf variety of the popular Boston fern. You must have noticed Boston Fern in hanging baskets on ones front porch during the summer months. The lemon button fern reaches heights of 1 foot and goes by many names including button sword fern, erect sword fern, little-leaved sword fern, and fishbone fern. This compact fern is known for being resilient and less finicky than some of its relatives, and its small size makes it perfect for growing indoors. An added attraction is the small leaves of the lemon button fern give off a faint lemony scent during the spring and summer months, making it a refreshing addition to any home. Bright filtered light is preferred. These little ferns make perfect additions to animal terrariums or vivariums. The leaves are nontoxic to pets and humans. Perfect orchid companion plant. 4 inch pot size. $10

Staghorn Ferns (Platycerium bifurcatum) Four inch pot size $22.00, ask us to mount with high quality spaghnum moss $30.









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