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Your Orchid Supply Source North Carolina

orchidlinda at rtmc.net (336-879-6677)

We are open Friday and Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm , Sunday visits can be arranged by appointment.


--13-13-13 time release plant food. The slow release will vary based on temperature but 6-8 months of active feed is expected. Packaged in 8.5 ounce resealable bottle. $7.00

Clay Pots- 6 inch with slits $3.99

Fresh Heat Packs for shipping reptiles, tropical fish, live plants. Provides over 72 hr heat. Environmental friendly materials. After use can be disposed of in normal trash. $4.00 each. (expiration April 2019) Can easily be added to your existing order orchid at no additional postage.

Orchid Corks. Add a whimsical touch to your orchid growing in baskets. Wine corks help to secure baby Vandas in the baskets until the get an established root system. Looks great! Assorted types, synthetic and natural. Orchids don't mind. Fun to look at all of the different brands of wines in every bag. 100+ corks included! $8.00

--Orchid Bark: Hobby Bag of Rexius brand hardwood bark for your potting needs. Can be used alone or you can add your own additives to customize your own mix. Bags are 9x12 and have three large scoops of bark+a little more. Easily fills 3 -6 inch pots. Two grades of sizes: Medium chips, and fine chip size. $8.00

-Orchid Potting Medium- cypress Blend with Sponge Rock, packaged 9 x 12 inch zip bags. $7.00

-Hobby Bag-Charcoal-Medium Grade, packaged in 9 x 12 inch zip bags. Packed as much as the bag can hold. $10.00

Sponge Rock-The largest size perlite. Big pieces provide open air spaces in the potting medium that orchids love. Can be incorporated into any mix to provide porosity. Hobby bag size $10.00

--Osmunda Fiber, packaged in 9 x 12 inch zip hobby bag size. Medium size fibers. $15.00

2 cubic feet bags of Rexius brand hardwood orchid bark. Clean, sterilized and ready for use. This is the actual bark we use on our own orchids here in the greenhouse. This is heat treated Douglas Fir bark that has been processed by high grading and sizing to the highest standards of orchid growers. For pick up only here in the greenhouse. Fine or Medium Size $28.00


--Diatomite: Hobby bag of this moisture holding clay like rock. Good for orchids and for bonsai growers. 9 x 12 zip bag full of diatomite for potting any orchids that like to remain moist longer or for an additional to your traditional mix to help it stay moist longer between waterings. Diatomite is High in Silica, Absorbent, Porous, Long Lasting, Environmentally Friendly, pH Neutral, Sterilized, and Natural, all factors necessary for healthy plants, while still being cost effective for the grower. Diatomite is inert and will not break down or decompose like other growing mediums. When dry, diatomite is extremely lightweight, making it ideal for plant shipping purposes. This diatomite is mined from freshwater sources and has no high content of salt. Medium size pieces $12.00

Diatomite-Fine size is perfect for 2 inch pot size and smaller or an added implement for 4 inch pot mixes. Medium size is 1/4 to 3/4 inch pieces. Hobby Bag holds 12 generous cups of product. $12.00 Bonsai growers add this to their mixes!

--Aliflor - Hobby Bag contains 12 generous cups of fine or medium size aliflor. Perfect as stand alone mix or an additive to any orchid mix for aeration. The neutral ph and long lasting qualities of aliflor make it a perfect grow medium. Aliflor is also used in hydroponic or semi-hydro orchid growing. Maintains porosity in your mixes that orchids love!

$10.00 per bag of either size.


Dragonfly Clips Another way to make your orchid staking tasks easier. Colorful plastic dragonfly clips come in assorted colors. 13 clips $2.00

Metal pot hangers. 6 inch tall clamp with hook hanger makes hanging clay pots super easy! $3.00 each. These are heavy quality and hold large pots with ease.

Narrow Colored Plant Labels 3/4 inch Wide X 6 inches Long (Red) One Dozen $2.00

Narrow colered Plant Labels 3/4 inch wide x 4 inches Long (Green) One Dozen $2.00

Split bamboo green 12 inch stakes. Perfect for staking ladyslippers and mini Phals. These stakes make less of an intrusive statement with your orchids. Since the stakes also have less girth they allow your plant clips more room for the orchid stems. Super nice supply. One dozen $4.00



Seagrove Orchids-Linda Thorne 3451 Brower Mill Road, Seagrove, NC 27341

336-879-6677 or orchidlinda at rtmc.net

Orchid Growers in North Carolina

We are open Friday and Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm , Sunday visits can be arranged by appointment.