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There is really nothing quite like a Cattleya. The Queen of the Orchids.

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Cattleya Alliance Species are at page bottom!

We offer Cattleyas/Laelia Species, Hybrids and Clones from our very own propagation lab as well as plants we obtain from far and wide. Select divisions are offered on a very limited basis, so check our Limited Division Page often for changing listings. Mini-Cats are a love for everyone and we have some on our site and more in the lab.

Cattleya species are featured after hybrids and mericlones.


Lc. Seagrove Avatar = (Laelianthe Wrigleyi Cattleya General Cadorna)

This is my favorite orchid hybrid that I have ever made. This one is an amazing grower and produces coerulean flowers. So pleased to be able to offer one of our exclusive hybrids.

Near Bloom and Bloom Size plants offered 4 inch $25.00, 5 inch $30.00, 6 inch $50.00



Potinara Haw Yuan Gold 'YC#2'

Winter blooming beauty. Golden yellow blooms are flushed with egg yolk yellow in the lip interior. Delicious fragrance. (Pot. Lemon Tree x Blc. Tassie Barbaro) Beautifully grown plants. 5 inch pots.

Bloom Size $30.00




CATTLEYA Alliance Species

Cattleya species give you some of the best fragrances in the orchid world! Our Cattleya species feature 'The Queen of the Orchid World', Laelia purpurata.



Broughtonia domingensis

Soft pink trumpet shaped blooms dangle from slender inflorescences. The darker pink, bell shaped lip opens to show off lemon yellow raised keels. Blooms occur in succession and bloom for long periods. Just a lovely species native to the island of Hispaniola and Mona Island Puerto Rico. These bloom at a very small size. Spring and Summer bloomers. mounts only $30.00 (one 4-6 plant compot available $40.00)


Cattleya aclandiae

The exotic mini queen of Cattleyas. Green to straw background fragrant blooms heavily decorated in magenta to wine spots and markings. Lip coloration is normally magenta. Considered a miniature. Allow to dry between waterings.



Cattleya amethystoglossa

We have a limited number of bloom size 4 inch pots of this stunning Brazilian native. Provide bright light, ample fertilizer and water during the grow season with a decrease in water and fertilizer during the winter months. Mature plants often carry as many as 30 flowers per inflorescence. We are offering seed cross plants so background colors can vary from white, soft pink, or dark pink as our mother plant features. Our plants offered will have beautiful magenta spotting and magenta lips. Plants are holding multiple growths and are around 10 inches tall. Blooms are fragrant. (C amethystoglossa 'H&R' AM/AOS x 'Supreme' AM/AOS)




Cattleya schilleriana 'Loch Raven' x self

We have selfed the famous coerulean form of Cattleya schilleriana in hopes of sharing this rare color form of this outstanding orchid with you. Plants are growing vigorously in 2 1/2 inch clay pots and ready for next size up. Plants are limited, so do not miss out on the opportunity to own one of these. Seagrove exclusive. Cattleya schilleriana var coerulea.



Cattleya violacea ('Icabaru' x self)

We finally have our babies. Selfing of the gorgeous 'Icabaru' These can be variable with varying shades of saturation on the petals since they are seed produced and not clones. 4inch pots. Grow Cattleya violacea in temps above 60 degrees for best results. Photo of parent show..

Bloom Size $60.00


Laelia jongheana

A Brazilian species that made news for Seagrove Orchids. Shown is our Laelia jongheana 'Bow's Seagrove Birthday' AM/AOS CCE/AOS Offered are bloom size, first year blooming size plants. Bloom season is Spring. Grow with regular watering and allow to almost dry before watering again. This species enjoys temps from cool to warm, but for best growth, please keep this species below 90 degrees. Grow in bright to medium light levels. We are growing these in 3 inch mesh/air pots. Easily converts to mounted or wooden basket culture. Multiple growth plants are offered.

Bloom Size $60.00

Laelia praestans var alba

A collector species. Rare albino color form of this most desirable orchid species. The Outstanding Laelia native to Brazil and found as a cool to warn grower. Last summer bloomer for us in North Carolina. Petite grower that likes ample moisture with dry between waterings. Our Bloom Size Laelia praestans alba are grown in 4 inch mesh/air pots and are multiple growth plants. Grow in shadier conditions than most other Cattleya alliance species. We grow them beside our Paphiopedilums.

Bloom Size $65.00



Leptotes bicolor (Orchids on Wood)

These orchids are being offered only on mounts. Fragrant white flowers with delicate pink lips. Grow with medium light conditions and water often. Bloom size and bloom every Feb-March-April, Spring. Choice parents were used in these hybrids. Two of John Dunkleburger's finest. One parent was awarded for extra large size and form and the other parent was awarded for many blooms of fine form. Sure to be some very nice quality progeny. ('Child of Rue' AM/AOS X 'Harbinger' AM/AOS) Fragrant Orchid. We have smaller mounts from a later flask. $15.00

Mounted Orchid-$35.00 Bloom Size