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There is really nothing quite like a Cattleya. The Queen of the Orchids.

Friday and Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm. Sunday visits are by appointment only.

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Cattleya Alliance Species are at page bottom!

We offer Cattleyas/Laelia Species, Hybrids and Clones from our very own propagation lab as well as plants we obtain from far and wide. Select divisions are offered on a very limited basis, so check our Limited Division Page often for changing listings. Mini-Cats are a love for everyone and we have some on our site and more in the lab.

Cattleya species are featured after hybrids and mericlones.


Cattleya Blues Baby x C mossiae 'Blue Too'

One of our own crosses. Established and growing nicely in 2 inch pots. Some are ready for 4 inch already. Showing vigor! C Blue Baby is our own 2008 registered cross of (C Canhamiana x C Mini Purple). Now we backcross it to C mossiae! C mossiae is one of the parents to C Canhamiana! I am liking the growth habit already on these plants. There are sure to be some heart throbs in this cross.


Lc Seagrove Avatar (Lc Wrigleyi 'Blue Moon' X C General Cadorna 'Gran Blueberry' )

Brand new babies just received from our breeding program for blue Cattleyas. The growth habit of both parents is obvious in this cross. Very limited. We have recently repotted these to 4 and 5 inch pot size. These are showing amazing vigorous growth habit. Larger plants for $50.00.

Bloom size $25.00



CATTLEYA Alliance Species

Cattleya species give you some of the best fragrances in the orchid world! Our Cattleya species feature 'The Queen of the Orchid World', Laelia purpurata.




Broughtonia domingensis

Soft pink trumpet shaped blooms dangle from slender inflorescences. The darker pink, bell shaped lip opens to show off lemon yellow raised keels. Blooms occur in succession and bloom for long periods. Just a lovely species native to the island of Hispaniola and Mona Island Puerto Rico. These bloom at a very small size. Spring and Summer bloomers. mounts only $25.00


Cattleya aclandiae

The exotic mini queen of Cattleyas. Green to straw background fragrant blooms heavily decorated in magenta to wine spots and markings. Lip coloration is normally magenta. Considered a miniature. Allow to dry between waterings.




Cattleya perciviliana

Offering bloom size 4 inch pots of the normal color form of the Christmas orchid. Blooms are purple with amazing orange glow in the lip interior. A wonderful species to add to any orchid growers collection.



Cattleya schilleriana 'Loch Raven' x self

We have selfed the famous coerulean form of Cattleya schilleriana in hopes of sharing this rare color form of this outstanding orchid with you. Plants are growing vigorously in 2 1/2 inch clay pots and ready for next size up. Plants are limited, so do not miss out on the opportunity to own one of these. Seagrove exclusive.



Encyclia bractescens


The little green Encylcia with a pink colored lip. Pretty early summer bloomers. Very easy to grow and bloom with a dry between waterings. A good beginner Encyclia species. Becomes specimen size quickly. Bloom Size.

4 inch pot size $15.00



Leptotes bicolor (Orchids on Wood)

These orchids are being offered only on mounts. Fragrant white flowers with delicate pink lips. Grow with medium light conditions and water often. Bloom size and bloom every Feb-March-April, Spring. Choice parents were used in these hybrids. Two of John Dunkleburger's finest. One parent was awarded for extra large size and form and the other parent was awarded for many blooms of fine form. Sure to be some very nice quality progeny. ('Child of Rue' AM/AOS X 'Harbinger' AM/AOS) Fragrant Orchid.

Mounted Orchid-$35.00 Bloom Size