Located in the heart of North Carolina, Seagrove Orchids is a full service greenhouse catering to novice and seasoned orchid growers. Our wide variety of orchids and potting supplies help make this your one stop for orchids. Expert advice is offered. Repotting is done on site by our experienced crew. Starting our twentieth year in business with 2020, we welcome you to visit our greenhouse any time of the year. There is always something in bloom and smelling delicious. Open Fridays and Saturdays 10 am to 5 pm and all other days by appointment.

Did you know that Seagrove, NC is the pottery capital of the United States? I work with several potters and am always looking for those special orchids pots. We love our local pottery craftsman!


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3451 Brower Mill Road, Seagrove, NC 27341

Our offerings include: PHALAENOPSIS, PHRAGMIPEDIUMS, CATTLEYAS-STANDARD AND MINI CATS, PAPHIOPEDILUMS, LAELIAS, ONCIDIUMS AND INTERGENERICS, ANGRAECOIDS, DENDROBIUMS, BULBOPHYLLUM alliance, PHAIUS, CYMBIDIUMS, AND MANY ORCHID SPECIES. Don't see it listed, give us a call! We have many orchid display plants and can often share divisions of those.


Cattleya Alliance (Laelia, Cattleya, Epidendrum, etc)


Everything Else (Angraecoids, Bulbophyllum types, Dendrobiums, Eria, all other interesting orchids we carry)


(Paphs and Phrags) Ladyslippers Check out our ladyslipper! See our specials on Phragmipediums and Paphiopedilums.


Mounted Orchid Selections (Check out our orchids on cork, grapevine, metal grids, long lasting wood, and slabs) Tons of species and mounted hybrids!


Oncidium Selections (Intergenerics, Miltoniopsis, Zygopetalum, Etc)


Phalaenopsis/Vanda Orchids stem props-seedlings and aerial divisions


(Our Best!) Heirloom Divisions or Select Divisions Our Stock of heirloom and historical Cattleyas is advertised on our Seagrove Select Division Page. If you do not see us offering a plant you are currently seeking, do not hesitate to ask if we have it. We only make divisions every 4-5 years and who knows, the special orchid you seek may be in our greenhouses. When only the absolute best will do, original divisions make the most prestigious gifts for those orchid lovers in your life.


New Cary Pottery Bulb pans. Crafted with Orchids in mind. Adequate drainage and shallow pots are perfect for mini Cattleyas, creeping orchids like Epidendrums, Bulbophyllums, and most small growing orchids. Pot size 4 inch around and heights vary from 3 inches to 4 inches tall. Colors are mocha chocolate with some to none varying degrees of gunmetal coloration. Patterns vary in all pots. Since they are hand crafted, no two are the same. A very organic look with rustic top edges. These orchid pots are limited at $15.00 each.

Support your USA craftsman. Local pottery from Cary, NC.

Check out our Orchid Supply Page -Grow like a professional. Click for the Selections !


ORCHID BOOKS -NEW and USED we have acquired a large collection of orchid books from botanist Victor Cutter and are offering books from our own private collection!

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We also offer gift certificates! Please call the greenhouse to order.

Seagrove Orchid Race Car has been sold!!

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Just me with some of our Seagrove Orchids pots!